“Drive By Easter Egg Hunt” – Community Outreach Event Starts Saturday

 Several organizations in the Williamston community are encouraging a “Drive By Easter Egg Hunt” event for local families with small children.
At a time when everyone is stuck at home and practicing social distancing, families are looking for ways to take a break from a preoccupation with the COVID-19 crisis.
The Palmetto Business Association, Envision Williamston, Town of Williamston and The Journal are inviting the community to participate in a “Drive By Easter Egg Hunt” beginning this Saturday.
Local businesses, churches, families and individuals are encouraged to make a large Easter Egg poster or display which can be placed on the front door or window of a home, business, church or other building. (A full page, ready to color “Easter Egg” design, which can be cut out and used, is included in this issue of The Journal).
Families can “make memories” of their time during this shutdown by drawing or making an Easter Egg poster or display and putting it on display for others to see. They can also get out of the house for awhile and still practice social distancing from others by driving around in their vehicle in search of the colorful “Easter Eggs” that are on display.
Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said, “I am very happy to see positive innovative ideas like this that observe our current health crisis restriction, but also preserves activities that are important to our community. Everyone looks forward to Easter and Spring activities. With the weather getting nicer, a lot of people are wanting to get outside and do something. I hope everyone will get out and enjoy this novel approach to a classic Spring family activity. Please remember to observe healthy practices and social distancing. Thanks!”
Palmetto Business Association President Sam Byler said he is excited about the event and glad the PBA can be a part of it. The Palmetto Business Association annual Easter Egg Hunt in Mineral Spring Park was to be held this Saturday, April 4.
The event is also celebrating Easter as acknowledged by Envision Williamston Executive Director Tony Brown.
“We have experienced, a great deal of change in the past few weeks,” said Brown. “One thing which hasn’t changed is our God.  He is the same today, yesterday and forever.  Nothing, can or will stop our community from celebrating the reason for our faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Envision Williamston is proud to partner with the PBA and Town to sponsor this event.”
The Journal managing editor David Meade said the idea came from Journal reader Joann Crowe.
“I had a call from Joann Crowe with the idea. I agreed and thought it would give children and parents an activity they can do together, get out of the house for awhile and without being in a crowd. It would also be a great outreach project for our community organizations.”The Palmetto Business Association, Envision Williamston, Town of Williamston and The Journal are helping sponsor this Community Outreach Event which will begin at 9 a.m. this Saturday through next week until Easter.
Families are urged to respect all emergency restrictions in their area — including self-isolating and social distancing from non-family members and be safe.