Governor McMaster orders non essential businesses closed

Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order Tuesday that closes all businesses that aren’t considered essential in three categories, Entertainment Venues, Recreational and Athletic Facilities and Close Contact Service Providers including barber shops and hair salons.
The order is effective 5 p.m. Wednesday. The governor said his list is the “bare minimum” of businesses that could close while having a relatively minimal negative impact on the economy.
Included are barbershops, beauty salons, fitness centers, bowling alleys, theaters, arcades, museums, and indoor children’s play areas. Child care centers are excluded for now.
The order also includes stopping all sports that share equipment or cause people to come within six feet of each other and spectator sports.
The order will last for 15 days and be re-evaluated.
On Monday, McMaster closed public beaches.
The governor said he would not go as far as a stay-at-home order for now.
McMaster praised the state’s progress in dealing with the COVID-19 situation and reiterated his faith in the people of South Carolina to do what they’ve been asked to do in the interest of public health, to stay home whenever possible.
“We are not ordering people to stay at home, but from the very beginning we’ve been telling people to stay home… and a lot of people are staying home,” McMaster said.
McMaster said beaches and nonessential businesses have been among “spots that needed attention.”
“In some places, there has been a lack of understanding of the seriousness of this, and that’s why we are having to move forward,” he said.
Columbia and Charleston have issued stay-at-home orders that closed nonessential businesses and the State of North Carolina has issued similar stay at home orders.
Complete List of businesses that will be closed as a result of the governor’s executive order:
Entertainment venues and facilities as follows:
Night clubs
Bowling alleys
Concert venues
Theaters, auditoriums, and performing arts centers
Tourist attractions (including museums, aquariums, and planetariums)
Indoor children’s play areas (excluding daycare facilities)
Adult entertainment venues
Bingo halls
Venues operated by social clubs
Recreational and athletic facilities and activities as follows:
Fitness and exercise centers and commercial gyms
Spas and public or commercial swimming pools
Group exercise facilities, to include yoga, barre, and spin studios or facilities
Spectator sports
Sports that involve interaction with another person in close proximity and within less than six (6) feet of another person
Activities that require the use of shared sporting apparatus and equipment
Activities on commercial or public playground equipment
Close-contact service providers as follows:
Barber shops
Hair salons
Waxing salons
Threading salons
Nail salons and spas
Body-art facilities and tattoo services
Tanning salons
Massage-therapy establishments and massage services