Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents recently:
March 26 – PTL. T.L. Eichelberger was dispatched to 12 Ellis Street in response to a report of an auto breaking incident. Upon arrival, he took the report from Lauren Altman, who reported that all four windows were smashed and all four tires cut. The car stereo system was stolen, and the ignition wires pulled out, in a possible attempt to ‘hot wire’ the vehicle. The damage was estimated at $2000.
April 8 – PTL. T.L. Eichelberger responded to a report of a cat bite at 232 Prince Street, where Barbara Jean Crowder, WF,  51, 5’ 4”, reported that a feral cat had bitten her finger as she tried to cage it for removal from her basement. Tim Gentry, of animal control, came and took the cat to the county shelter where it will be held in quarantine for ten days.
April 10 – PTL. David Vickery was dispatched to 228 Williamston Court where he contacted Angela Fowler, who reported that someone had switched her license plate for a different one. Her SC plate DRH-160 had been changed with a GA tag CJZ-194. Both tags cleared dispatch as clean. She was given a victim’s form and the tags were entered into NCIC.
April 10 – Patrolmen C.D. Brown and Jimmy Sparks responded to a call for assistance from PTL. Marro of the West Pelzer Police in reference to a suspected DUI subject. Upon arrival they found Marro with Mitchell Lolliss, WM, 38, 6’, 190 pounds, of Belton. Marro asked if either of the WPD officers was certified to administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Test. Mitchell failed to perform the tasks satisfactorily and was taken into custody. A firearm Lolliss was illegally transporting was taken into evidence.
April 11 – PTL. David Vickery responded to a request for assistance from West Pelzer Patrolman Scott Stoller. Stoller had received a complaint of shots fired on Mill Street in Pelzer. Upon joining forces, Stoller and Vickery proceeded to the location, where they found three male subjects on the porch. Due to the nature of the call, the officers approached with drawn weapons and had the subjects lie on the ground. A search for weapons was negative and the men were allowed to return to a standing position. Apologies were offered, and readily accepted. The men invited the officers to join them for dinner; but the officers declined, and returned to their respective patrols.
Apr. 7 – Williamston Police Captain Kevin Marsee said an incident at Sun Trust Bank Tuesday evening was a false “hold up” alarm from inside the bank. Officers were unable to contact anyone with the bank and responded until it was determined to be a false alarm.