Minor Street sidewalk project finally underway

By Stan Welch
Sidewalk construction is underway between downtown Williamston and Palmetto Middle School, as part of the Safe Routes to School program. Hopefully, the project will include Minor Street from the Middle School to the athletic facilities.  The program was approved and funded some time ago; but interest, which waned for some time, has recently revived, according to Williamston Mayor Mack Durham.
“The school board had expressed interest in the program but they were already involved in a program out in the Wren area, and couldn’t take the lead at that time,” Mayor Durham said. “The project is part of the Transportation Alternative Program, or TAP, and is intended to allow children to walk to school safely.” The project is now active, and completion is scheduled for the end of May.
“There are other sites we hope to eventually address, including the Greenville Drive area, which would be a part of a bike-ped project. It would be funded for approximately $1.2 million and would connect our walking and biking trails to the Greenville Drive corridor. The existing crosswalk at College Avenue would help make that connection feasible.”