Anderson School District One draft budget tentatively has 15 new teachers

The following information on expected enrollment and proposed staffing for the 2020-21 school year was presented as part of a budget work session recently held by the Anderson School District One Board.
For Elementary School staffing, Cedar Grove enrollment is expected to decrease from 624 to 588 and will result in a loss of one teacher. Hunt Meadows is expected to increase from 537 to 543 and will add one teacher. Spearman will go from 699 to 684 and will add one teacher. Minimal enrollment changes are expected for the rest of the elementary schools resulting in no staff changes.
Powdersville Middle is expected to remain at 702 students with no changes in staff.
Wren Middle has current enrollment of 919 and is projected to increase to 923. They will add one teacher.
Palmetto Middle has current enrollment of 833 and is expected to increase to 869. Palmetto Middle will add two teachers.
Palmetto High has current enrollment of 967 and is expected to increase to 994. No changes in staffing.
Wren High has current enrollment of 1062 and is expected to increase to 1128. They will add one teacher.
Powdersville High has current enrollment of 902 students and is expected to increase to 946. No staffing changes.
Palmetto High is adding an Agriculture Mechanics program and will see one new teacher added for the program.
A German teacher is being added and will be shared by all three high schools.
District One is adding one Mental Health Counselor.
Special Education is adding eight teachers and two support staff.
In total, District One is adding fifteen teachers and two support persons.
The Agriculture Mechanics program at Palmetto High  will have some start-up costs including welding equipment,, a plazma cutter, welding booth and accessories. There will also be workbenches, stools, storage equipment, saws, drill press, tool sanders and other equipment that will be needed.
District One has a full time SRO at each of the fourteen schools. The Town of Williamston receives funding for one SRO and the District funds cost for the other thirteen.
Total cost for SRO is $869,600.
The 2020-21 draft budget includes increases of $1,019,000 for growth positions; $280,000 for a four percent health insurance increase; $120,000 for Certification Upgrades; $135,000 for Utilities and $65,000 for Substitute Increase.
Total anticipated expenses include: Salaries $48,865,256; Fringe Benefits $22,570,809; Purchased Services $4,690,902; Supplies and Materials $4,029,310; Equipment/Capital Purchases $1,364,475; Transfers and other objects $897,375.
Total Expenditures are projected at $82,418,127. Total Revenue is projected at $79,332,680, leaving a deficit of $3,085,447.
Binnicker will meet with the Board to decide on which options they will proceed with on May 12 if needed. A public hearing is scheduled for May 26 at 6 p.m. and the Board is expected to give final approval to a budget at the Board Meeting that evening. The AD1 budget will be sent to the Anderson County School Board on June 1 and a presentation will be made to them mid June.