Powdersville area leads county in confirmed cases of COVID-19

Powdersville Library
 As of Tuesday (May 14) Anderson County had 211 reported cases of COVID-19 and an estimated 1,296 total cases.
More than half of those have been in the Powersville area which had the most cases, followed by Piedmont.
Information provided by SCDHEC shows zipcode 29611 had 117 reported cases with an estimated total of infected at 719. Zipcode 29642 had 44 cases with an estimated 270 total. Zipcode 29643 has not had a reported case, but is estimated to have six not reported.
Piedmont (29673) has 50 reported cases and is estimated to have 307 total.
Pelzer (29669) has had 24 cases reported and is estimated to have 147 total, Williamston (29697) has had 12 cases reported and is estimated to have 74 total.
Belton (20627) has had 14 cases and estimated 80 total.
Honea Path (29654) has had 8 cases reported and 74 estimated.
According to SCDHEC, for every know case there could be nine people that have the virus. SC had gone from a containment strategy to a mitigation strategy which has less focus on individual cases in an area and more focus on limiting the overall spread throughout the state.