Chad McBride wants to continue to make Anderson County safe – As Sheriff

Chad McBride is running for re-election as sheriff of Anderson County.

McBride says he is a proven law enforcement leader with the experience needed to serve and protect all of the citizens of Anderson County. He said he understands that an effective Sheriff’s office operates efficiently and under budget. He has re-organized and implemented targeted strategies to better serve the needs of both the deputies and the public that he serves. McBride said he is running for re-election because he wants to continue to make Anderson County a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

McBride attended Wren and T.L. Hanna High Schools and Anderson University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. He also attended The Command College of South Carolina at Anderson University where he received his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

He has worked in law enforcement for nearly 19 years. His experience includes time in uniformed patrol, investigations, professional standards, and public affairs within the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. He was elected Sheriff for Anderson County in 2016.

McBride said he is proud of his accomplishments during his tenure as Anderson County Sheriff.
His department has been aggressive on drugs with an 800 per cent increase in the seizure of methamphetamine, and a 98 per cent increase in the seizure of cocaine. He cited a number of statistics including a thirty eight per cent drop in burglaries countywide, which he said is probably related to the drug arrests being made.
He also cited a significant increase in deputies’ salaries, and a subsequent jump in the retention rate for deputies. The latest rate is 94.7 per cent.
He also said that efforts are underway to establish a fueling station in the Powdersville area so that deputies can refuel their cruisers without having to drive to Anderson and back.
McBride has a three point plan in his 2020 plan:
Informed Enforcement
Prioritize community crime information and allocate resources and officer’s time to prevent crime
Track officer performance to improve both individual and agency performance
Re-Evaluate patrol routes consistently to maximize community safety and minimize response time

Engaged Communities
Prioritize community interaction and neighborhood safety
Work with communities to identify and solve public safety concerns
Provide a forum on ACSO applications for citizens to stay informed and report issues
Modernized Procedures
Replace out-of-date technology to increase effective use of officer man hours
Modernize systems to ensure officer and citizen safety when responding to active crime scenes
Automate procedures and paperwork to minimize officer desk time and keep more boots on the streets


McBride said his number one objective is to protect and serve.  “I want to make Anderson County better for our kids and grand kids.”

In addition to his law enforcement experience, he is a veteran of both the US Army Reserves and US Army National Guard.

McBride is very involved in the community and has served on numerous boards of civic, community and non-profit agencies including the Anderson County Sheriff’s Foundation, The Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, New Foundations Home for Children and the Anderson County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. McBride has partnered with many other community groups and charitable organizations to help further impact our community and provide more resources when and where needed.

McBride proclaims Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior and is a member of NewSpring Church.  He is husband to Leanne Hiott McBride and has 3 daughters which inspire his efforts to run the best Sheriff’s Office in the state.

For more information visit his website