Incumbents win in primaries – Anderson County

By Stan Welch
Incumbents enjoyed widespread  success in the Republican primaries  Tuesday. Pictured – Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride won by a huge margin Tuesday in the primary. He is being congratulated by Keith Sonefelt at his vote watching party. (Photo by David Rogers)
Incumbent U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham routed three opponents in the Republican primary, garnering sixty eight per cent (313,956) of the votes in the four man race. Michael LaPierre ran second with seventeen per cent (79.588): Joe Reynolds nine per cent (42,669); and Duke Buckner six per cent (28,354). Graham will face Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison in November.
Incumbent Congressman Jeff Duncan was unopposed in the primary and will face Hosea Cleveland in November. Cleveland defeated political newcomer Mark Welch by a margin of fifty three per cent to forty seven per cent.
(11,758 to 8,736.)
At the state level, incumbent Richard Cash defeated Craig Wooten for the state Senate seat, by a margin of fifty seven percent to forty three per cent. (9,411 to 7,168). State Representative West Cox (incumbent) defeated Mark Durham by a margin of sixty per cent to forty per cent.
Incumbent Representative Jonathon Hill retained the nomination for S.C. House District 8.
Incumbent county treasurer Jason Phillips defeated challenger Van James by eighty one per cent to nineteen per cent(19,716  to 4,539).
Incumbent Sheriff Chad McBride received 91 percent of the voted defeating challenger Brandon Surratt who received 9 percent. McBride is not facing opposition in the general election in November.
  In the two Anderson county council seats, incumbent and Council Chairman Tommy Dunn (2,546 votes/ 71 per cent) defeated challenger Christine Shirley (1025 votes/ 29 per cent) in the district five race. In the district two county council race, David Standard (717 votes)  defeated Larry Bright (382 votes) by a margin of sixty five per cent to thirty five per cent. He will face incumbent Gracie Floyd  in November.
Twenty nine thousand five hundred fifty nine voters went to the polls, out of a hundred twenty one thousand, three hundred twenty eight registered voters, for a 24.2 per cent turnout. Of the votes cast 25,111 were cast in the Republican primary and 4348 in the Democratic primary.