Anderson County appears to be flattening the curve


By Stan Welch
The latest figures about the coronavirus released by the Anderson Emergency Management Division would seem to indicate that the COVID curve has finally been flattened, at least in Anderson County.
Emergency management director David Baker says there are still ups and downs to be encountered. “A couple of weeks ago, we had the largest number of new cases we have seen in a single day. The next day, we had the lowest. But we were running testing stations on the high day.”
Sadly, sixty of the county’s two hundred thousand plus residents have died from the virus, according to DHEC. That is a mortality rate of.00003 per cent.
The number of new cases has been flat in all of the county’s municipalities over the last fourteen days. (The number of cases included in the following information has remained steady or fallen in each of the towns mentioned. The numbers are reported according to zip codes.)
Pelzer (10), Piedmont ( 8), and Williamston (43) have reported no new cases. Honea Path (-1), Pendleton(-1), Starr(-3), Iva (-1) all saw the case numbers decrease. Anderson, with four zip codes, saw a reduction of 29 cases. There have been a total of 2350 cases reported in Anderson County since March. Of the 2290 remaining, 595 of those cases are still active, while 1695 are now deemed inactive.
Baker says that the rate of COVID related deaths has accelerated, but he points out that all of the deaths are formulaic; i.e., the victims were elderly and/or had underlying health issues that made them especially vulnerable.
Baker added that while the curve seems to have flattened, there are some groups still especially susceptible to exposure. “Medshore recently had fifteen employees test positive for the virus. That should remind everyone that the first responders, whether EMTs, police officers, or firemen are at special risk because of the services they perform. These folks are really doing heroic work, and they should be remembered, and thanked for their sacrifice.”