Williamston police investigate West Main shooting incident


Williamston police officers were recently dispatched to 305 West Main St. in reference to a man with a gun and an armed robbery. Two men were arrested in connection with the incident however only one had warrants issued and the other was released. Statements from people involved indicated shots were fired at a dog and that one of the shots came close to a victims head.

Williamston police investigate West Main shooting incident

On Aug. 14, officers were dispatched to 305 West Main St. in reference to a man with a gun and an armed robberyJohn Joel Matherly, 37, 106 Bent Bridge Rd., Greenville was arrested for unlawful carrying of a pistol and discharging a firearm in the city limits.

According to reports, Officer R. Drennon spoke with Jaimie Carson who stated that a man was in her yard shooting at her dogs and he was still in the area. Officer Drennon observed a white male standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the house with one of his hands behind his back. He was ordered to show his hands and did not comply. The officer drew his duty handgun and ordered the man to show his hands, which he did. The man then complied with the officer’s orders to lay down on the ground and put his hands out to his side. Officer D. Hart arrived and assisted in placing the suspect in handcuffs and conducted a terry frisk. A .40 caliber handgun was found in his waist and was cleared for safety.

During the investigation Patti Savon stated that she came to the front porch and saw two men sitting on the front porch, and they asked her for food and money, and then attempted to jerk money from her hand. She then went to the back yard when the shots were fired and stated she was nearly struck in the head. Another female at the scene, Kimberly Spearman, stated that the second male attempted to grab money from her in the parking lot next to the house.
The home owner stated that he had helped the suspect change a tire earlier in the morning and had left him at another location. He later showed up at the house with another white male identified as Keith McDermott, and was asking for money.

The first suspect who was in custody, Matherly, complained of breathing problems and was checked by EMS. He was later transported to the emergency room for closer examination. He was checked at the hospital and upon his release was transported to ACDC, where he was served with two warrants.

The second suspect, McDermott, was picked up by another officer and transported back to the scene. Upon arrival, McDermott exited the police vehicle and approached the ambulance that Matherly was in. He was then detained by T. Henderson. Matherly denied knowing McDermott.

McDermott was placed under arrest and in the back seat of Officer T. Henderson’s patrol car, taken to WPD, where he gave a voluntary statement to officers. Henderson went back to the scene to get written statements, and only got statements from one victim and one witness. He then returned to WPD and transported McDermott to ACDC.

Officers spoke with Judge Lollis about obtaining arrest warrants for armed robbery for both men. He received one for Matherly, but not McDermott due to not being able to get written statements from other victims.
Matherly was charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol and discharging a firearm in town.
A request was faxed to ACDC for McDermott’s release.