Envision Williamston names new Executive Director


Envision Williamston has named Lisa Cope the new Executive Director of the organization.
Cope is a resident of Liberty. She brings over thirty years of experience in working with non-profit organizations to her new role at Envision Williamston.

“I am thrilled to have been chosen as the Executive Director of Envision Williamston,” Cope said. “I’ve been working with nonprofit organizations for the past 30 years in volunteer, board member, board executive, outreach employee, and CEO roles. I’m ever grateful for the experience I’ve gained in each aspect of this field and for the mentors I’ve had over those years. There is always more to learn and strategy to share and I believe that while we’re living we need to be learning.”

Cope said, “As a nonprofit leader, fund management is important to me and in 2014 the nonprofit organization I was leading was the recipient of the Angel Award from SC Secretary of State Mark Hammond. This is an annual award given to 10 nonprofit organizations in SC for responsible fund management. I bring that same diligence and sense of responsibility to Envision Williamston and look forward to standing alongside others to bring opportunity, vitality, and engagement to Williamston and her residents.”

“I was raised in rural WV and am grateful for my roots,” Cope said. “I was taught early to work hard and learned to garden, cook, butcher, and preserve foods. I still have a passion for cooking and baking, as well as small town and locally owned business. My husband and I make an effort to support small businesses and love to see them thrive. My hope for Williamston is the same as the hope I have for my own hometown and others like it; to experience growth, prosperity, community engagement, small-town values, safety, and peace.”

Cope said she is looking forward to leading Envision Williamston and restoring events and activities the organization has sponsored in the past.

“The challenges we currently face are like none we have experienced before but I know we can take this time to make ourselves better and stronger than ever. I look forward to the end of the pandemic and a return to events and gatherings. May we have a celebration like no one has seen when this is over!”

Envison Williamston Board Chair Roxanne Hall said, “I am excited to introduce Lisa Cope as our new Executive Director for Envision Williamston. She has extensive experience in the non profit sector that will behoove our town. We will utilize her experience with grant writing to make positive progress and fund town wide projects. Not only is she a professional match but pleasant to be around and passionate for the success of Williamston. We look forward to her contributions.”

Cope can be contacted by phone at 864-847-7473 or email at LisaCope@envisionwilliamston.com