Rockey Burgess draws on experience – Running for mayor

Van Sullivan Photography

Williamston businessman and councilmember Rockey Burgess recently announced that he is running for the office of mayor. Burgess said that his experience in business and government will help him in providing practical and effective leadership for the town.
Following is his announcement:
“As a lifelong resident and current council member I know first hand that Williamston needs experienced, practical, and effective leadership. I am a proven leader with innovative solutions drawn from decades of experience in business and government. I know how to build relationships, remedy problems, develop plans and execute those plans in a timely manner. I believe that it is imperative that the mayor is accessible to the public, is willing to listen to others and does everything within his/her power to address their needs and concerns,” Burgess said.

“If elected as your mayor I will continue to work with our council to continue to be fiscally responsible and ensure that our deliberations yield tangible results. In recent years the current administration has lost focus on our core essential services – Public safety, streets, water, sewer and garbage pickup will be my number one priority. As in business I will take charge of problems that arise in our town and in conjunction with our council work toward solutions that can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time rather than waiting on other government agencies to fix the problems for us (often times at a much higher cost). If elected, I will continue to fight for the things that are important to our residents no matter how big or small they might be.”

“I would appreciate your vote on November 3rd, Burgess said. “Please contact me at 864-844-2400 for any questions or concerns. Be sure to check out my website at Thank you and God Bless!”