Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputy fatally injured during I-85 incident


A Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputy was killed this afternoon in the I-85 incident near Whitehorse Road. Master Deputy Conley Jumper was fatally injured during the incident.

Lt. Ryan Flood said Master Deputy Jumper is survived by his wife, Sarah and his daughter, Kat. “As Sheriff Lewis mentioned in our press conference earlier, please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers.”
According to the GCSO, just before 3 pm Tuesday, a deputy with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office initiated a traffic stop northbound on I-85, near White Horse Road. At some point during the stop, at least one of the occupants
engaged deputies in a physical altercation and a struggle ensued. During the struggle, the suspect’s vehicle accelerated and ultimately collided with a tractor trailer. While the exact sequence of events is unclear at this time, Lt. Flood said “we do know that another deputy’s patrol car also collided with the suspect’s. In all, three deputies were transported to the hospital along with two individuals from the suspect vehicle.”
Master Deputy Jumper succumbed to his injuries and was ultimately pronounced deceased at the hospital. The other two deputies are expected to recover as are the occupants from the suspect vehicle.

SLED, who is working alongside the SC Highway Patrol, is investigating the incident in its entirety and
all further questions pertaining to the investigation should be deferred to them.

Regarding the tragic loss, Sheriff Hobart Lewis said, “Conley Jumper was a man of integrity and passion. When I say passion, I mean the man was as dedicated to the job as they come. He was larger than life, both literally and figuratively. At over 6’4” he was a gentle giant who always wore a contagious smile. I say Master Deputy Jumper, but what the record should reflect from this day forward is Sergeant Conley Jumper. His uncanny leadership will be remembered by all. Sergeant Jumper served our agency and the men and women of Greenville County for 28 years. He spent his last years on the GCSO Interdiction team where he received numerous accolades, including multiple distinguished service awards and the prestigious Russ Sorrow Award.
Jumper was an officer who embodied the true essence of a public servant. He had more certifications and instructed more classes than anyone can count and that’s because he always strived to be the best deputy he could be. He was a tireless worker and loving friend and he had a heart of gold. He will be missed dearly by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.”