SC lawmakers have election concerns


On Tuesday, South Carolina lawmakers announced support for a complete and thorough investigation into alleged fraudulent election activity around the country during the recent Presidential election.

In a letter to the United States Attorney General, William Barr – Thirty lawmakers including Rep. Stewart Jones (R- Laurens) and Rep. Bobby Cox (R- Greenville) penned a letter saying that “we are writing with concern over the legitimacy of the 2020 election for President of the United States.”

“We want the rest of the country to know that our state set the standard in preventing voter fraud and maintaining the legitimacy of our election. We worked to ensure that precautions were taken in South Carolina to ensure that all legally eligible voters could cast their ballot securely and confidently without jeopardizing the integrity of each vote.” said Rep. Stewart Jones (R- Laurens).

“Regardless of party, transparency in government is good, especially with elections. On this Veterans Day, I owe it to my brothers and sisters in uniform to ensure their sacrifice in protecting open and free elections was not in vain. Let’s get this right as a country. Confirm or deny fraud and move on together.” said Rep. Bobby Cox (R-Greenville)

The letter went on to say that “South Carolinians and all Americans want an honest outcome, and to know that their legal vote mattered. The very bedrock of our Constitutional Republic depends on the integrity and democratic process of our elections.”