Pelzer meets with full council, work to begin on blocked storm drain


By Stan Welch
The Pelzer Town Council has not had a full contingent in some time. They quickly remedied that problem Tuesday night by swearing in newly elected Councilwoman Alisha Tuttle. They then proceed to move briskly through the agenda.
In her clerk’s report, Cheryl Boudreau informed the Council that fifty four work orders were handled during October. She also added that ACSO deputies made ninety traffic stops, answered thirty nine calls for service and made six arrests. She also said that entries for the Christmas parade will be accepted until December third.
Mayor Will Ragland then reviewed the situation concerning the Adger Street drainage project. Public works employee Mark Vickery reiterated that only two bids have been received, and the third bid, which is encouraged by ordinance, does not seem to be forthcoming. Councilman Eddie Waits, pointing out the long period that has already passed, said he saw no reason to delay a vote on the two existing bids. A blocked storm drain has resulted in a washout and the appearance of several sinkholes on an adjacent property.
WHAM Brothers has submitted a bid of $31,564 while Aspen Concrete Contractors, LLC bid $23,4000. The low bid was approved unanimously.
The opposite decision, to delay and wait for a third bid, was made in the case of the concession stand septic tank problem. Vickery assured the Council that a third bid is on the way, so Mayor Ragland moved to table the matter until the December meeting. December is also the time frame that the town will learn whether they have received a PARD grant from the county to replace the HVAC system in the community building. Ragland added that County Councilwoman Cindy Wilson has pledged a thousand dollars to assist in the rewiring of the kitchen in that building.
Council then heard from a representative of Greene Finney, the town’s auditing firm. The major points were that the town’s general fund experienced a deficit of $30,048 in September and $58,827 for the year to date. The hospitality tax fund was in deficit by $5,135 for September and $46,095 for the year to date. The water, sewer and trash fund figures were $21,237 and $51,661, respectively.
Council approved a Christmas decoration contest for the town, and authorized gift certificates of one hundred, seventy five and fifty dollars for the top three spots. Councilman Mike Matthews raised the issue of having categories for the size of the various displays. “Not everybody can afford to put up four thousand Christmas lights,” said Matthews. Ragland agreed, saying that the council would work on defining those categories.
Councilman Waits then reminded the crowd that the Goodwill Store has opened in the old Fred’s location. He touted the Work Connection program and encouraged anyone seeking employment to take advantage of the program.