West Pelzer Police Report


West Pelzer Police Officers investigated the following incidents during October:

Oct. 2 – Ofc. R.M. Marro observed a vehicle behaving in a suspicious manner by seeming to try and leave his vicinity. He followed and ran the license. It came back assigned to another vehicle and he initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Misty Mack, WF, 43, admitted that she had no proof of insurance. Information developed during a subsequent interview with Mack made Marro suspicious that something, perhaps involving drugs, was going on. He cited her for failure to stop for blue lights, as well as other charges. And placed her under arrest. The chihuahua she had was collected by animal control. Upon booking at ACDC she was found to have several thousand dollars in cash in her bra.
Oct. 3 – Ofc. R.M. Marro responded to a welfare check on a male in his vehicle at 819 Palmetto Station Way. The man drove up, threw up and passed out. When Marro arrived, the man was unresponsive. Lt. S. Stoller arrived shortly after. The driver, William Pascual Sebastian spoke mostly Spanish since he was from Guatemala. He had a Guatemalan consular card but no driver’s license. There were several open containers, and after calling two municipalities for someone certified to conduct a field sobriety test, the officer contacted SCHP. Trooper Ward conducted the test and placed Sebastian under arrest for DUI.
Oct. 6 – Ofc. R.M. Marro stopped a vehicle with no license tag. The vehicle was registered to a person in Easley but driven by Bobby Ray Wilson, WM,53, 5’11”, 210 pounds, of Pelzer. Wilson said he had just bought the vehicle and had not gotten a tag for it yet. He also had no insurance, and he was cited for both offenses.
Oct. 7 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle with a handwritten paper tag. The driver, Donna Woodward, WF, 55, was unable to provide insurance because it had been cancelled in September. She was cited for two offenses and given a court date.
Oct. 8 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos was on patrol on Main Street when she observed two white males walking down the sidewalk drinking beer. She stopped and gave Ryan Doolittle, WM, 29 and Cole Kramer, WM, 23, citations for open container in public and gave both a court date. She poured out the beer and sent them on their way.
Oct. 15 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to a report of an open fire and responded to 24 Margteurite St. where she encountered Richard Black burning trash and limbs and construction debris in violation of town ordinance. He was belligerent and refused to extinguish the fire, which threatened nearby brush and woods. Chief Eliopoulos called the WPFD who responded and put out the fire. Black was cited for unlawful burning.
Oct. 19 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos was running radar when a van went by at a high rate of speed (43/25) and she initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Allen Emmanuel Calderini Canales, Hispanic male, 38, of Honduras, had an expired tag, no driver’s license, and was speeding. He was cited for all three offenses and given a court date.
Oct. 19 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos observed two dogs running loose that she knew belonged at 196 Mill Street. She spoke to the owner, Sabrina Leeann Johnson, WF, 31, 5’5’, 200 pounds about the recurring issue of her dogs running free. Johnson was cited and given a court date.
Oct. 19 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos received a complaint from John Ambrose of possible drug activity at 12 Drake Street, Lot 3. She went to speak to the renter while Ambrose did a maintenance check on the residence. Ambrose discovered two people in the back of the home and Eliopoulos had them come forward. James Bradley Vaughn, WM, 55, 190 pounds, and Jade Geraci, WF, 29, were identified and Vaughn was found to have an active warrant for assault and battery. He was cuffed and held for ACSO deputies and both subjects were placed on no trespass notice for the entire trailer park.
Oct. 20 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos stopped a vehicle for speeding and discovered that the driver, Emily Thomason, WF, 23 had a license suspended for non-payment of tickets (3). The licensed passenger was allowed to drive the vehicle away and Thomason was cited and given a court date.
Oct. 26 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to 18 Welborn Street, Lot 7, where she issued a ticket to Autumn Lynn Dallee, WF, 30 for her dogs running loose.
Oct. 26 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos stopped a vehicle due to a tag registered to a different vehicle. The driver Michelle Renay Laws, WF, 30, was found to have three suspensions and various other violations related to her operation of the vehicle. She was issued a pair of citations and a court date.
Oct. 27 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos responded to 3 Holiday Street where two people complained that the subject, Caleb Nmi Price had been trying to sell them drugs. He was occupying one complainant’s porch. He was removed and found to have 53 800mg Gabapentin tablets – a painkiller. He offered to get Chief Eliopoulos some and identified himself as a Greenville Deputy, a Navy SEAL, a DEA Agent and a CIA agent. He was arrested and transported to ACDC.