Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

Dec. 6 – Tiffani Loraine Wright, 26, 11 W. Carolina St., Williamston reported three guitars valued at $2,000 taken from the living room of the residence. C. Samuel investigated.
Dec. 5 – The Williamston Fire Department reported a blow up Santa with firetruck display valued at $140 taken from Mineral Spring Park. D. Vickery investigated.
Dec. 4 – Joseph Eugene Hancock, 33, 803 Tripp St., Williamston reported that a man driving a green Ford Ranger with a ladder attached, fired a shot at him after a civil dispute. According to reports, Hancock stated that a gold color Honda had passed his residence at a high rate of speed and the green truck went by as well. Hancock stated the truck then reversed and came back toward his residence and a white male exited the truck and they began to argue about the man leaving Hancock’s property. The man returned to the truck and backed up a little more, then placed the truck in drive, stopping in the roadway. The driver then fired a shot out of the passenger window. The truck then went down Tripp St., and turned right onto Black St. Officer Henderson checked the area of Black St. for a vehicle matching the description of the truck, but did not find it. No shell casing was found in the area by officers. A witness also confirmed most of the information. Hancock was also found to have a suspended license and several warrants out of Georgia, but they would not be extradicting. The case remains closed at this time. M. B. Jackson investigated.
Dec. 4 – Job Sosa, 48, 16 Ridge Court reported vehicles being operated in a dangerous manner in the neighborhood. Sosa reported an incident involving a silver Dodge Ram truck speeding, going into his yard and recording with a phone. He also reported another incident involving a dark gray Patriot speeding in front of his residence. He also reported an individual Garrett Thompson, harassing him driving by in a reckless manner and sometimes waiting for him in the morning at a stop sign and other incidences. The incidents remain under investigation.
Nov. 29 – Mary Ann Chadwick, 105 G. St., Williamston reported two pit bulls killed her cat and two stray kittens. One dog was white with brown spots and the other was brown and white. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Dec. 6 – Officer C. Hopkins was dispatched to 122 W. 2nd St., in reference to an animal complaint. The complainant stated that a black and white bulldog mix had shown aggression toward a small canine across from the residence. While speaking with the complainant, the dog was observed and followed over multiple streets. The officer observed it being retrieved at 110 W. 4th St.,. The owner , Kimberly Dawn Simms stated that her boyfriend lost control of the canine. Simms was advised to keep the dog secured or charges would be brought.
Nov. 26 – Cash Time Check Cashing, 8 Greenville Dr., Williamston, reported a forgery incident in which an unknown white male presented a nonnegotiable instrument in the amount of $1,800. The item, which was deemed as counterfeit, was an Economic Impact Payment for the US Treasury made payable to a William T. Owens, 187 Payne Dr., Piedmont. The suspect was described as a white male with reddish-brown curly hair, approx. 5 ft. 7 inches, wearing blue jeans and dirty white t-shirt. The counterfeit check was kept as evidence and the incident remains under investigation. C. Parker investigated.