Town of Williamston employees taking addition safety precautions – Due to rise in COVID


Town of Williamston employees are being asked to take extra safety precautions due to the rise in new COVID-19 cases in the area. Among them are wearing masks at all times during work hours, practice social distancing and other safety practices.

Mayor Mack Durham sent the following statement to town employees on Monday:
“Our COVID-19 positive active cases are continuing to rise and are showing no sign of slowing down. Our current count is 129 in the Williamston zip code. While not all of these cases are in Williamston, effective immediately, I am directing every employee to wear a mask at all times during work hours. I am also asking that everyone use social distancing during morning and afternoon breaks and lunch breaks. Other precautions already being practiced will remain in place.”
Durham said, “This is an escalation of safety practices to keep everyone safe and continue to provide uninterrupted service to our citizens.” He also told town employee to be prepared to go on a rotational schedule like the town did earlier in the year.
Durham was to meet with town employees Tuesday to get an assessment of each department and a readiness plan.