Anderson County restricting in person meetings


By Stan Welch
The Anderson County Council moved quickly through a brief agenda Tuesday, re-electing District Five Councilman Tommy Dunn as Chairman, and District Four’s Brett Sanders as vice-chairman. They also welcomed new member from District One John Wright. Wright won the seat vacated by Craig Wooten, who surrendered the seat to run unsuccessfully for the General Assembly.
Council also voted to add two more quick response vehicles (QRV) to their emergency response fleet, as well as one additional person to man one of the vehicles.
In the face of rising numbers of COVID cases, the Council also passed an emergency ordinance which prohibits the various ancillary committees and bodies, such as the planning commission, or the zoning board, from meeting in person. While electronic meetings can be held, the ordinance encourages no meetings whatsoever for 61 days or less, if the COVID numbers decline. The next county council meeting will be held as usual, at the civic center, to allow for spacing. After that, future meetings will be determined by monitoring the progress of the efforts to quiet the virus.

The ordinance applies only to meetings of official bodies, and has no effect on the general population of the county.