Pelzer cleaning up Monkey Park, supports connecting “sidewalk”


By Stan Welch
The Pelzer Town Council had the Monkey Park on its mind Tuesday night, as bids for activities related to that park made up the majority of the active agenda. As work has taken place clearing out the park – tree work, scrubbing underbrush, etc. – in the preceding months.

The purpose was largely to make the park less attractive to some of the undesirable traffic that moves trough the area. As the work has progressed, Mayor Will Ragland reported that illegal dumping has also taken place in one of the back corners of the park in an area that is not as easily visible.
The Council voted to seek bids to have the park formally surveyed and its precise boundaries marked by a three rail fence. Councilman Eddie Waits was the only opposing vote; a vote he explained by stating that he would prefer a more substantial fence. Seeking bids for a new roof on the park’s picnic shelter was also approved. The Mayor indicated te town’s intention to paint the shelter when the weather permits. “The roof is old and decrepit and needs to be replaced. It’s time we started to take care of our town assets, and the monkey park is certainly high on that list.”
The Council also voted to re-allocate three thousand dollars in hospitality tax funds for the town’s Fourth of July fireworks display. That was the amount budgeted last year, but the COVID pandemic had its way, and the display was cancelled. The monies had to be officially approved once more. “Hopefully, this year we will be able to gather and celebrate our Fourth of July,” said Ragland.
The council also adopted changes in the language of a shared use resolution approved a week earlier by the West Pelzer Council. The West Pelzer town council heard concerns from several citizens about a proposed shared use path along the course of the long abandoned railbed and Depot Road, that abuts or passes through West Pelzer, Pelzer and Williamston. The concerns centered on the potential increase in foot traffic along the path, and the effects on adjacent properties. Mayor Sanders agreed to seek changes in the language of the resolution of support that would specify the term sidewalk, instead of the more nebulous term shared use path. The resolution was passed. Tuesday night, the Pelzer Council also ratified the resolution, and the amended language.