Williamston Police Report


Officers with the Williamston Police Department investigated the following incidents:
Jan. 11 – A red Mitsubishi that had been in the Town Square parking lot for months was towed after officers checked the tag which came back to a 2019 Mitsubishi 4S Mirage registered to a Zackarie Ernnest Lachance, of Pelzer. The plates were suspended as of Nov. 15, 2019. The vehicle had a lien of $16,998 through Skopos Financial LLC. The vehicle was towed and the case closed. Cpl. D. R. Hart investigated.
Jan. 10 – Sgt. Mulz and Officer T. L. Eichelberger were dispatched to 14 Mineral Park Lane in reference to suspicious persons entering an abandoned house and possible burglary. Two adults and two juveniles were arrested. Adults arrested were Jimi D. Parker, 35, 105 Lusk Drive Pelzer and Labon Berry, 35, 6865 N. Highway 29, Pelzer. According to reports, when officers checked the residence, the four people were found inside. Items found included a Wachovia Bank Card, check for a bank account and mail on the floor for Edna Taylor and Mary Davis. A bag full of electronics was also found but no one claimed. Once items were sorted out, Parker and Davis were transported to ACDC and the two juveniles, a white male age 14 and white female age 17, were released to their parents.
Jan. 7 – John David Brooks, 47, 1402 Big Creek Road, Belton was arrested for simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after officers were dispatched to 207 Williams St., in reference to a suspicious person. Avery Bell reported that he observed on camera a white male in a blue plaid shirt and jeans walk into his back yard, enter a storage building and step out of the building with a cup.
The suspect, AKA John David Outlaw, and another person were observed traveling on foot on Williams St. where Brooks was observed dropping objects which turned out to be a small pouch containing a blue bowl pipe used for smoking marijuana and a small bag with .003 grams of green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana. He was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia and transported to ACDC. A warrant was also being sought in connection with a burglary at 18 Ridge Court. D. R. Hart investigated.
Jan. 6 – An arrest warrant was served at the ACDC for Laben Hugh Berry, 21, 6865 N. Highway 29, Pelzer after officers were dispatched to Fast Fuel , 207 West Main St., in reference to a known trespasser. According to reports, Berry was observed by clerks inside the business while being on trespass notice. An arrest warrant for trespass after notice was issued by Judge Lollis and served at ACDC. M. B. Jackson investigated.
Jan. 6 – J. Markeith and T. A. Henderson responded to 13D Edgewood Drive in reference to an auto break-in. According to reports, Chris Benge stated that a suspicious silver/gray vehicle was parked in the driveway of 13C Edgewood Dr. and he asked the driver why he was parked in the driveway. The driver responded that he wasn’t in his driveway. Benge entered back into his residence to tell his wife to call the police, and the vehicle was gone when he went back out. Several items were missing from his Jeep including: tools, wrenches, jumper cables, car jack valued at $60; Items missing from a Chevy Malibu parked at the residence included: Gamecocks wallet, SC driver license, Chime bank card, ninja wallet and Spinx gas card. An orange and black leaf blower valued at $60 and a yellow and black weed eater valued at $80 was reported missing from the front porch. Total value of the missing items was $230.

Jan. 10 – Jacob Seth Brooks, 23, 3 Tasha Driver, Pelzer and John David Outlaw, 14 Spring St., West Pelzer were arrested on outstanding warrants in connection with a burglary incident reported Jan. 3 at 18 Ridge Ct. According to reports, a confession under Miranda by Brooks implicated Outlaw and Brooks in connection with security video showing them at 18 Ridge Ct. A warrant was served on Outlaw at ACDC where he was being held on a separate matter. D. R. Hart investigated.

Jan. 10 – Officers investigated a fight incident which occurred in connection with a motor vehicle accident on S. Academy St. According to reports, officers responded to S. Academy St,. and Wall St. in where multiple subjects were observed by officer T. Henderson actively fighting and trying to separate subjects from fighting.
The three black males and a black female.


As they were separated, one of the men, Charick Arnold punched Quashia Davis on the right side of his face and Davis fell to the ground. As Arnold was being detained, he was being passively resistant. Demetrious Davis (B/F) and Cedric Davis approached telling the officer not to place Arnol in handcuffs.
Assisting officers began to respond on scene including K. Cobb, West Pelzer police department and several Anderson County Sheriff’s units.
Quashia was placed in handcuffs. Quashia said he did not wish to press charges against Arnold and would sign a complaint withdrawal form. Quashia, who was cited for the motor vehicle accident, and Arnold, were released at the scene.
Dedric Davis had an outstanding warrant through Anderson PD for malicious injury to personal property under $10,000. Davis was arrest on scene by ACSO and transported to ACDC.
Later that day, officers were dispatched to where the incident happened where a man stated he found a pair of yellow metal hoop earrings and a drivers license for Quashia Davis in his yard. Davis was contacted to collect the license and the earrings which belonged to his mother who was in the car at the time of the accident.
T. Henderson/T. L. Eichelberger and others investigated.