GCSO makes arrest for impersonating DEA officer


Investigators with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a man for three
counts of Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer, Driver Under Suspension 2nd offense, Obtaining Goods Under False Pretenses greater than $10,000 and Unlawful Carry of a Pistol.

The investigation began in December 2020, when an investigator with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office was introduced to a man claiming to be an agent with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), at a local restaurant.

The man was identified as 38 year-old, Andre Alidrew Romero. Unknown to Romero, the investigator had previously been assigned to the DEA Task Force-Greenville (SC)
Resident Office and grew suspicious of Romero’s claim during the encounter. Romero made multiple statements that seemed phony to the investigator during their brief meeting; increasing the investigators suspicions.
An investigation was initiated and during the course of it, investigators learned that Romero was not a law enforcement officer and had never been a law enforcement officer. Further investigation revealed Romero was a citizen of Trinidad, had a previous criminal record from New York involving firearms and had a suspended South Carolina Driver’s License. Investigators also reached out to the DEA who confirmed Romero is not, nor ever was,
an employee at their agency.

Upon further investigation, investigators learned that a report had been filed on January 22nd, against Romero that indicated he had falsely obtained goods worth over $10,000 from a victim after promising to retrieve a family member that had been taken oversees and could do so because of his position in the DEA.
Hours after that report was filed deputy’s located Romero during a traffic stop on a traffic violation and subsequently placed him under arrest. At the time of Romero’s arrest, he had a replica DEA badge and a loaded handgun in his possession.

Investigators later executed a search warrant at Romero’s residence for items related to impersonating a law enforcement officer and seized a ballistic vest, four additional firearms and ammunition.
Investigators are asking for anyone else who may have had similar run-ins with Romero to contact the GCSO at 864-467-5252 or Crime Stoppers of Greenville at 23-CRIME.
Romero is currently being held in the Greenville County Detention Center on a $30,270 bond. In addition, there is a Federal Hold by the United Stated Department of Homeland Security.





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