More than 30 goals set by Pelzer officials


By Stan Welch
In a recent special meeting , the Pelzer Town Council met to discuss their goals for the town, and to set priorities for meeting those goals. On hand to assist them was Jeff Shacker, field services manager for the Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC).
Following a round table exposition of the main goal that each council member wanted to see accomplished, less urgent, but still important priorities were also explored. Working through the second and third tier, a total of thirty goals was suggested. Some of those goals were mentioned in previous story. Highlights include:
Contacting the owner of the old Sky City shopping center was suggested, with an eye towards reutilization. The impediment to that appears to be the reluctance of the current owner(s) to sell the property outright, or to significantly invest in renovations on the property, in the absence of unusually long leases. A suggestion to seek economic incentives through the county was also discussed.
Approaching the Appalachian Council of Governments for assistance in drafting a zoning ordinance and producing a new land use element for the town’s comprehensive plan was also raised. The thrust of the zoning ordinance appeared to be protecting the mill hill areas from development or other encroachment.
Seeking new concepts for the streetscaping for Lebby Street, as well as securing the attendant funding, was raised, along with general improvements to the sidewalks in town. In a related approach, improving and increasing wayfinding and street signs was also brought up.
Providing some sort of incentive to ACSO deputies, in an attempt to unofficially increase the police presence in town was also discussed.
Creating a veteran’s monument on the old hospital site was also a priority, as was the renovation of the old property, which is slated to eventually house the town hall and business offices.