Palmetto High AgEd holds grand opening for new building, FFA charter ceremony


The Palmetto Agricultural Education program recently held a grand opening for their new building located next to the Palmetto High football stadium. The event also included a Future Farmers of America ( FFA) charter ceremony.

Joey McCannon is the teacher for the new program said, “The Palmetto Agricultural Education grand opening and FFA chartering ceremony was a great opportunity to celebrate the opportunities that both of these can offer to the students of Palmetto High. Without a doubt, this would not have been possible without the support of the district staff, community support and the surrounding agriculture community.”

“We are excited about the potential and growth opportunities for our students in the coming years as this program develops,” said McCannon. “It’s going to take time to grow, but we have made great steps to get on our feet in the middle of a difficult year already.”

A number of state FFA officers were present for the charter ceremony including: Victoria Gillis (SCFFA State Officer) Gunnar Black (SCFFA State Secretary), Lee Pageant (SCFFA State Officer) and Ashlyn Patterson (SCFFA State Officer).

Students in the Palmetto AgEd program will learn a variety of math, science, and history lessons during the life of the program in their high school career. The FFA chapter offers leadership and communication opportunities for students at the local and state levels.


Palmetto High Counselor Weston Scroggs said, “Many traditional views of the program believe it simply prepares students for farm life, but that is far from the modern approach to agricultural education today,” Scroggs said. “Students will be able to use the practical skills learned in this class and translate them into today’s industrial needs in the workplace.”
Skills in electricity, construction, welding, equipment and tool usage, planting & harvesting for personal use, sustainable forestry, and so many others will be offered during the span of a student’s high school career.

“These activities move students out of the traditional classroom setting for a little while during the day to provide them with a different perspective on the lessons they learn inside the building. “


Scroggs said, “Palmetto and Anderson School District One believe this Agricultural Education program houses the perfect learning environment for high school students to learn these basic skills and communication skills that they can use to be competitive in the job market after graduation.”

Sponsors for the program include Michelin, Blanchard Caterpillar, Rogers Feed & Supply, Anderson County Farm Bureau, Ag South, and Techtronics Industries who have helped to supply several start-up needs for the program.


Featured Photo Above – Charter Signing

Pictured at the charter signing ceremony are (Left to Right)
Top: Victoria Gillis (SCFFA State Officer) Gunnar Black (SCFFA State Secretary), Bryson Gurley (Palmetto FFA Sentinel) JC Chandler (Palmetto FFA Treasurer), Grant Jones (Palmetto FFA Junior Advisor), Lee Pageant (SCFFA State Officer).
Bottom: Ashlyn Patterson (SCFFA State Officer), Rachel Smith (Palmetto FFA Secretary), Lauren Stone (Palmetto FFA President), Kaylee Evatt (Palmetto FFA Vice President), Porter Hand (Palmetto FFA Reporter)