Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

May 23 – Ptl. D. Vickery responded to a reported hit and run incident at 200 Mahaffey Rd., during which an unknown vehicle ran through Caleb Adams’ yard, damaging his fence to the tune of $2000.

May 27 – Ptl. D. Vickery responded to Fast Fuel in reference to counterfeit money. A white male and white female ad attempted to make purchases with two $20 bills that were counterfeit. When the clerk refused the bills, the two subjects completed the purchase with a card, claiming they found the bills on the ground at Mineral Spring Park.

May 28 – Ptl. T.A. Henderson responded to a report of drug activity in the Mineral Spring Park. After several minutes of searching, he located four juveniles, from ages 12-14. They were in possession of marijuana. Henderson contacted their mothers, who retrieved them. He told them they were all banned from the park, and he placed the marijuana in evidence.

May 29 – Officers J.D. West and T.A. Henderson responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at 16 Glenwood Ave. Upon arrival, Judy Rutland reported that her daughter Brianna Rutland, WF, 23, 5’4”, 140 pounds had become abusive after her mother picked her up at a party where she had become intoxicated. She continued to be loud and profane and was arrested for public disorderly conduct and transported to ACDC.

May 30 – Ptl. J.D. West, while conducting traffic enforcement at Palmetto Middle School initiated a traffic stop after clocking a black Ford F250 traveling 56 mph in a 35 mph zone. When he hit the blue lights, the truck’s driver, Joshua Every, WM38,5’11”, 195 pounds swerved , and began throwing items from the trucks. When he finally stopped, West approached and could smell marijuana. Every denied having marijuana or throwing it out the window. West, assisted by another officer, searched the nearby area, and found marijuana and two ‘twisted tea’ cans that had been thrown from the vehicle. Subsequent to a search, Every was arrested and charged with simple possession, open container, speeding, and littering. He was transported to ACDC.

Reserve Officer R. Caldwell was dispatched to the Dollar General store, where the manager led him to the public restroom, where she had found a used syringe in the trash can. She also reported that syringes have been found in several other locations in the store in the past. Caldwell placed the syringe, which appeared to have residue in it, in a sharpie container and transported it to WPD for proper disposal.