Anderson County Bomb Squad brought in to investigate explosive device found on porch


The Anderson County Bomb Squad was called in to investigate a suspicious package on a Williamston porch which turned out to be an explosive device.
According to Williamston Police Captain Kevin Marsee, on Saturday, July 4th, Officers Hawkins and Sparks of the Williamston Police Department responded to 14 Poinsett Street at around 5:45 p.m. in reference to a vandalism call. While on scene, Officer Hawkins observed what he believed to be some type of manufactured explosive device on the porch of the residence.
Investigative units were notified as well as the ACSO Bomb Squad and Williamston Fire Department. An adjacent residence was evacuated and the street was closed for safety. Upon arrival of ACSO the device was X-rayed and removed. A subsequent search of the residence revealed items of interest that could be used in the manufacture of explosive devices.
According to Marsee, the investigation is ongoing and forensic examination will be conducted on the item located which was taken into evidence by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.
“The Williamston Police Department is highly appreciative of the hard work and dedication of its officers, investigative team, Williamston Fire Department, and the partnership with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office,”
Captain Marsee said.

Update – On July 6, it was determined the device contained powder capable of being ignited and bird shot and it was classified as a “destructive device”.

Williamston Police Captain Kevin Marsee reported a background check showed the boyfriend, Joshua Antone had been convicted of violent felonies and is prohibited from owning a firearm. Antone turned himself into the WPD where he stated he and a friend had manufactured the device and their plan was to set it off on July 4th, but due to an altercation with his Smith reference above, he had left the residence before it was set off. He stated he had no intention to create or cause any harm to any other individual with the device. Due to his cooperation, and the device being classified as “a destructive device” he was charged with a city ordinance of improper storage of hazardous materials and was issued a courtesy summons.

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