Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents over the first week of July:
July 9 – A stack of money was found at the intersection of N. Green St., and Heritage Drive. The cash was placed into evidence. D. R Hart, R. C. Burgess investigated.
July 11 – Cpl. D. R. Hart was dispatched to the OGP Smoke at 12 N. Hamilton in reference to a shoplifting incident. According to reports, a white female with brown hair, wearing a burgundy shirt and blue jean shorts, left the store with a black Helmet Head bag valued at $24.99. Two “one hitters”, one valued at $5.99 and the other at $9.99, were also reported missing. The incident remains under investigation.
July 10 – Officer J. D. West assisted Belton PD in an incident in which suicidal subject with a weapon was barricaded inside a thrift store at 605 (A) S. Main St., Belton. Officer West secured the back entrance. During the incident, Officer West also got staff and customers safely out of an adjacent Mexican restaurant and to a safe location. ACSO Deputies were able to talk the subject out of the building to be evaluated by EMS.
July 10 – Alice Moody Durham, 90, S. Academy St, Williamston reported a purse and wallet with contents taken from a vehicle while at the Dollar Tree store, 1 Greenville Drive. The items were valued at $25. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
July 10 – Summer Marie McJunkin, 29, 13 Coker Circle, Williamston and Jonathan Jossie Carter, 26, 5909 Midway Rd., Williamston were arrested after a vehicle was observed on Ridge Court Lane with only one headlight working. The vehicle was then observed making several sharp turns in an apparent attempt to evade the officer. The vehicle was stopped on Lander Street where it was discovered McJunkin was driving under suspension. 23 white pills described as Clonzapam, were also found in the vehicle. A bag of green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and a bag with a clear crystal like substance described as Meth was found in Carter’s left pocket. The marijuana did field test positive and weighed in at 10.8 grams. The meth did field test positive and weighed in at 0.8 grams. Carter was charged with possession of meth less than one gram and possession of marijuana 28 grams or less. McJunkin was charged with possession of a schedule 4 drug. McJunkin was also issued a UTT for driving under suspension and a warning for the headlight. Both were transported to ACDC. . R. C. Burgess, D. R. Hart were arresting officers.
July 7 – Thomas Jonathan Evans, 38, 301 Boiter Rd., Williamston was arrested for driving under suspension (3rd) after a 2002 Toyota sedan was observed on West Main Street with a cracked windshield. A passenger in the vehicle took possession of the vehicle and Evans was transported to ACDC and issued a UTT for driving under suspension. D. Vickery investigated.

An incident on July 4th resulted in the Anderson County Bomb Squad being called in.

July 4 – While investigating an incident involving malicious damage to a vehicle, the complainant, Crystal Lee Smith, stated to Officer Hawkins that there was a stick of dynamite on the front porch. According to reports, she stated the item was placed in her house by her boyfriend and was on the kitchen counter in a red vase. Being unsure of what it was, she placed it on the front porch.
In his report, Hawkins stated the item resembled dynamite. It was described as a cylindrical tube with a fuse coming out and tied into a half hitch in the middle of the device.
At that time Hawkins was advised to evacuate any residence within 500 ft. and to move the patrol vehicle to the end of Poinsett St., at Green St. The Williamston Fire Department and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad were called in.
Deputy Rob Gibbing of the ACSO bomb squad arrived and was unsure if the device was a firework or dynamite, He used an x-ray machine for identifying explosives to examine it. Reports state he was able to determine the device was homemade but was unsure of what was inside. It was determined to be safe enough to remove and the device was taken to ACSO for further investigation. On July 6, it was determined the device contained powder capable of being ignited and bird shot and it was classified as a “destructive device”.
Williamston Police Captain Kevin Marsee reported a background check showed the boyfriend, Joshua Antone had been convicted of violent felonies and is prohibited from owning a firearm. Antone turned himself into the WPD where he stated he and a friend had manufactured the device and their plan was to set it off on July 4th, but due to an altercation with his Smith reference above, he had left the residence before it was set off. He stated he had no intention to create or cause any harm to any other individual with the device. Due to his cooperation, and the device being classified as “a destructive device” he was charged with a city ordinance of improper storage of hazardous materials and was issued a courtesy summons.