Pelzer receives $700,000 for cell tower property, sells other property for possible development


By Stan Welch

During a recent meeting Pelzer Town Council agreed to sell property on Courtney Street, appointed a planning commission, created a new lot on the lagoon property and completed the sell of the cell tower property.
Pelzer Mayor Will Ragland announced that the deal for the sale of the cell tower property had been concluded, and the seven hundred thousand dollars had been received. That made possible the purchase of two properties by the town – one at 6 Stewart St. and the other at 4 Blythe St. The town has also obtained a quote for architectural services related to the renovation of the community building. Ragland also informed the audience that all grading and tree work at the Monkey Park has been completed.
The town has also reached an agreement with a company called JB Ferguson Properties, LLC (aka Estate Planning Consultants) to sell them approximately 120 acres on Courtney Street, fueling speculation that a retirement facility might be planned.
For his part, Mayor Ragland said “After many meetings and interviews with the developer, our Council feels the buyer will develop the property in such a way, and with a level of quality, that will be beneficial to our community and will feel like an extension of our Town instead of a separate community. The developer has local roots, understands our area, and we believe will protect our culture and work with us to utilize this property to the highest and best use for the future of Pelzer. As with most such projects, much work remains to be done.” Ragland assured that details would be forthcoming as they become known.
The Council also appointed a planning commission composed of Nicole Higgins, Brian Vaughn, Suzanne Farmer, Donna Ide, Laura Watkins, Eve Holliday and Slavka Marusic.
The Council also approved the creation of a new lot on the lagoon property and the purchase of a new EE35 R-2 Series Bobcat Excavator.
The Pelzer Town Council meeting was held on August 10.