Pelzer unveils historic mural


The unveiling and dedication of a historical mural was held Saturday (Sept. 11) at the Betty Boop Family Hair Care Shop on Highway 8 in Pelzer. The mural depicts Ellison A. Smyth and Francis J. Pelzer, along with other people significant to the history of Pelzer including Gertrude Brown Kelly, a young mother who was killed by a ricochet bullet during the textile strike of 1935. Speakers included Elaine Hunt, Dianne Lollis, Betty Jordan and artist Thomas Addison.

The purpose of this mural is to promote a historical presence by showing a visual representation of the people who lived and worked in the town and its mills for anyone living or visiting the Town of Pelzer.
“Current citizens and visitors should come to appreciate the depth and significance the town played in the lives of our ancestors,” historian Elaine Hunt said. “From the Charleston investors such as E. A. Smyth and Francis J. Pelzer to the sports heroes, physicians, educators, as well as ordinary people, the mural displays Pelzer’s impact. We sincerely pray that this mural will educate, encourage, and prompt people to appreciate our town and its vital heritage.”
This mural is gift to the people of Pelzer, both past and present.

Persons involved in the project include (Pictured L-R) Elaine Tumblin Hunt, Larry Joe Coker, Betty Selman Jordan, Dianne Lollis and Thomas Addison.

The mural is located just off Hwy. 8 at the railroad tracks at Betty Boop’s in Pelzer.