COVID cases, hospitalizations showing downward trend


On October 5 (for Oct. 3) SCDHEC reported 993 new cases and 255 probable new cases of COVID-19. There were 26 COVID related deaths and 1 probable death.
There were 16,097 molecular test results reported with 8.9 percent positive.
Anderson County reported 54 new cases, 20 probable cases, 1 death and 1 probable death.
Greenville County reported 133 new cases, 11 probable cases and 4 COVID related deaths.|
On Oct. 4, Anderson County reported 71 new cases and 11 probable cases.
Greenville County reported 180 new and 16 probable cases.
Across the state there were 1,612 COVID patients in hospitals with 465 in ICU and 328 on ventilators.
As of Tuesday, Anderson County has 121 COVID patients in the hospital with 37 in ICU and 29 on ventilators.
Greenville County has 225 COVID patients in hospitals with 69 in ICU and 49 on ventilators.
On Friday, (Oct. 1) DHEC reported 1,951 new cases and815 probable cases. There were 70 deaths and 28 probable deaths related to COVID.
Greenville and Anderson county lead the state in new cases with Greenville County reporting 288 new cases and 32 probable cases and Anderson County reporting 146 new cases, 25 probable cases and 7 deaths.

Spartanburg was third in the state with 140 new cases and 51 probable cases.
On Sept. 29 – DHEC reported 1534 new cases and 257 probable new cases. DHEC also reported 45 deaths and 2 probable deaths. of 19,821 test results reported, 11.6 percent were positive.
Anderson County reported 77 new and 12 probable new cases with 4 deaths.
Greenville County reported 198 new cases, 12 probable cases and 5 deaths.
Anderson County reported 136 COVID patient in hospitals, 39 in ICU and 31 on ventilators
Greenville County had 295 COVID patients in hospitals, 90 on ICU and 66 on ventilators.
All indicators are that the downward trend will continue.