Williamston SC Police Report


Williamston police officers investigated the following incidents:
August 26 – Ptl. D.R. Hart was dispatched to the Williamston Car Wash where Mark Whitt reported that someone pulled the brush off of the hose in one of the stalls. The loss was estimated at $300.
August 31 – Ofc. R Burgess and Ptl. J.D. West responded to the Stop -N -Go convenience store, where they encountered Robert Tyler Ueckert, WM, 27,6’3”, 170 pounds. He smelled of alcohol and had an open beer in his hand. He refused to leave the property as requested without his truck. The officers insisted that he could not drive in his condition. Uekcert insisted and began to cuss loudly. He was arrested for public disorderly conduct.
Sept. 8 – Ptl. J.D. West and Ofc. Ptl. R. Burgess were sent to the Mineral Spring Park in reference to a hit and run incident. While West interviewed hit and run victim Andrew Earl Weedon III, West patrolled looking for the other vehicle. Burgess spotted the vehicle traveling up Main Street and notified West, who stopped the truck. The driver, Christopher Merritt Russell, WM, 59,6’, 200 pounds, gray/blue, smelled of alcohol and was unsteady and slurring his speech. He was arrested for reckless driving and transported to ACDC.
Sept. 14 – Ptl. R. Connor and Ptl. J. West responded to 207 West Main St. where they found Todd Ezekial Burriss apparently passed out. He smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be asleep or unconscious. While the officers were walking him to West’s cruiser, he began to curse in a loud voice, and was arrested for public disorderly conduct.
Sept.9 – Ptl. M.B. Jackson was dispatched to Hardee’s in reference to a simple assault report. Upon arrival he made contact with Riley Braxton Carter who reported that he had been in an argument with a coworker, whose family then accosted him and cursed at him. He stated that Anthony Lamar Lee had shoved him violently. Upon confirming that account of events, Lee was arrested for assault in the third degree and transported to ACDC.
Sept. 17 – Ptl. J.D. Hayes responded to the Burger King in reference to a hit and run incident. Nathan Johnson, an employee at the restaurant, reported that someone backed into the car he was driving, which belonged to his sister Miranda Johnson. Damage was estimated at $300.
Sept. 18 – Ptl. J.D. West observed a vehicle speeding on Hamilton Ave. and initiated a traffic stop.A subsequent investigation identified the driver, Joseph Lee Clark, Jr., BM, 29, as an habitual offender having several DUS convictions. He was arrested and transported to the ACDC.
Sept. 18 – Sgt. L.E. Mulz and Ofc. J. Trotter were dispatched to 29 Randal St. where Kayla Lynn Mattison reported that someone had broken the back window of her vehicle. Damage was estimated at $500.
Sept. 18 -Ptl. D.R. Hart was dispatched to 44 McAlister St. in reference to a domestic situation, where the victim, Samantha Elizabeth Brown, WF, 28, was visiting with her children. The father, Christopher Harold Martin, WM, 32, 5’10”, 215 pounds arrived and demanded to see his children. He is under a restraining order. During the altercation, he allegedly shoved Brown to the floor. Upon comparing three witness accounts, Ptl. Hart sought and received a warrant for Martin’s arrest, which occurred several days later. He was transported to ACDC.
Sept. 19 – Ofc. J. Sparks responded to 110 W. Fourth St.in reference to a vandalism complaint. Samantha Lynn Turner reported that someone had deflated all four tires on her vehicle. No damage to the tires was found but the tires were so flat they would not seal to the rim or hold air. The damage was estimated at $550.
Sept. 19 – Ptl. R. Connor initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle without tag lights and that was speeding. Ofc. J. West provided back up. The driver Shane Tyler Alewine, WM, 27, 6’1”, 200 pounds, was found to be in possession of a firearm which was being transported in an unlawful matter. He was detained and transported to ACDC, where a warrant for the firearm violation was later executed.
Sept. 20 – Ptl. D. Vickery conducted a traffic stop at Gossett St. and Main St. on a vehicle without a license plate. During the encounter, the driver Franchessica Axendria Thompson, BF, 25,5’11”, 135 pounds, was discovered to be driving on a suspended license. She was cited and a licensed driver was summoned to remove the vehicle.
Sept.20 – Ptl. D. Vickery responded to 205 East Carolina St. in reference to a 911 call hang. Steven McKinney,Sr. BM, 64, 5’8”, 215 pounds and Steven McKinney, Jr., BM,44,reported exchanging punches during an altercation. Neither man would file charges and signed complaint withdrawal forms. The younger McKinney relocated for the evening.