Highway 81/Piercetown area seeing more development


By Stan Welch
Growth in the northern end of the county, as chronicled in recent issues of the Journal, continues, with the ongoing construction of a major convenience store facility at Exit 27, where Hwy. 81 crosses I-85. Located on 4.63 acres, just up and across from Sue’s restaurant, the 7-Eleven will resemble other sites along the interstate that allow for large truck traffic; and at 4700 square feet, will also have retail space available for other vendors.
C4 Store Holdings is the developer, while Marian Moorhead, of Anderson, is listed as the owner.
Just a little more than a mile away, as the crow flies, a major residential development is proposed. Area residents recently received a post card from the Anderson County Planning & Development informing them that the Planning Commission will be reviewing and considering plans for a 318 lot development at Hembree and Welcome Road at their next meeting. That meeting is scheduled for November 9, at 6:00 p.m. at the historic Court house.
Alysia Hunter, head of the planning and development office, told the Journal that Southeastern Developers, LLC will be the developer. Named Stone Creek Phase One and Two, the project will be single family residential in nature. The availability of county sewer allows for smaller lot sizes than if septic tanks were used.
Big Creek Water will provide the water supply.
Hunter said that a traffic study, which will be factored into the presentation to the planning commission, is not yet complete. The site is not zoned. The planning staff will present its findings to the commission, along with a recommendation for approval or denial. The Commission will then review the information and vote either up or down. Both those votes are simply recommendations, which will be presented to the full county council at a future meeting.
The proposed project is located in District 7.