Prisma PACE program offers medical care assistance for seniors


By Stan Welch
With a steadily aging population, several towns in northern Anderson county have increasing numbers of citizens facing significant medical challenges, such as access to affordable health care services.
In an effort to meet those needs, Prisma Health is offering a seniors – oriented health program in parts of Pickens and Anderson counties, including the area served by the Journal.

The program of all inclusive care for the elderly (PACE) is available to those over the age of fifty five years old, who have a medical circumstance that would require the level of care found in a nursing home. They must also be capable of living safely in their communities at the time of enrollment in the program. The goal of the program is to keep older patients out of nursing homes as long as possible.

The stated goals of the program is to let the patient remain in familiar surroundings, maintain patient autonomy and independence, and foster the maximum level of physical, social and cognitive function possible.

If a patient is on Medicare and Medicaid, there is no cost. For those on Medicare alone, there is a private pay option for the monthly thirty seven hundred dollars cost of the program. These goals are pursued by the actions performed at the PACE Center, next to the downtown hospital in Greenville. Transportation to and from the center can be provided, if needed. The Center contains a medical clinic to provide primary care, additional space to provide for any therapy services needed, and a common area for meals, activities and socialization.

Each plan of care for each patient is customized at the time of enrollment. It is reviewed and tweaked at three months, and then at every six months thereafter. Alison Ashley, director of the PACE program , can be reached at 864-522-1950, or at