Congressman Jeff Duncan Responds to Biden policy inflation 


Congressman Jeff Duncan issued the following statement as inflation reached a three-decade peak last month:
“Americans face the most expensive Thanksgiving and Christmas yet this holiday season due to top-down policies from the Biden Administration that have resulted in an unprecedented rise in inflation,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “Last month, inflation hit a thirty-year high, and families are feeling the pinch. Inflation is taxation on those who can afford it the least, and President Biden’s reckless government spending will only cause inflation to surge.”
“It is no surprise inflation hit a three-decade high last month considering the widespread labor shortage, skyrocketing fuel prices, widespread government stimulus, the supply chain crisis, and a decline in domestic production,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “Inflation at this rate is unsustainable and hurts American consumers daily. Assuming the Biden Administration does not change its course and continues to promote America-last policies that hurt the economy and drain Americans’ pockets, we will continue to see inflation grow. It is evident the Biden Administration lacks economic responsibility or restraint, which has resulted in an economic crisis at the expense of hardworking Americans. President Biden’s so-called ‘Build Back Better’ agenda would super-charge inflation concerns and place an even greater economic strain on the backs of American consumers.”