Stone Creek development meeting scheduled for Nov. 22 – At White Plains


By Stan Welch
Stone Creek development, a proposed housing project in the vicinity of Hembree Road and Welcome Road, failed to receive the recommendation of the Anderson County Planning Commission at their last meeting, on Nov. 9.
The Journal reported that the matter would proceed to a vote of Anderson County Council, however after conferring with county officials, the Journal learned that, in fact, the matter is dead, unless one of two actions result.
First, the District Seven Council representative to the commission, Debbie Chapman, while voting to deny the project, stated that she would be willing to entertain a subsequent proposal, if the developer met with the community and addressed some of their concerns, then re-submitted a modified proposal.
A meeting has been scheduled for Monday, November 22, at 6:00 p.m. at the White Plains community building.
The other possible action would require the developer filing an appeal with the courts, with the attendant adjudication.
In the absence of either of those methods being successful, the project would not take place.
The project, which would involve construction of more than three hundred single family homes, was opposed by a half dozen or so residents who raised a variety of concerns to the planning commission during a recent meeting. Among those concerns were concerns about the possible disruption of the flow of a naturally occurring creek that runs through the site; wildlife displacement, and wetlands issues.
Anderson County Planning Director Alyssia Hunter reported to the commission that all appropriate and required studies had been completed, including the traffic survey. She said that the development, proposed by Southeastern Developers, LLC, met all county criteria. She said that because of that, the planning staff recommended approval of the project, known as Stone Creek, phase one and two. If approved, Big Creek Water will be the water utility provider.
District Six commission member Jane Jones, however, made a motion to deny approval; a motion seconded by District Seven appointee Debbie Chapman. She did, however, offer a ray of hope, stating that she would reconsider her vote if the developers met with the residents and addressed some of their concerns. The commission, made up of one appointee from each county council district, as well as two at large members, then voted 6-3 to deny the project.