SCDHEC Update – Jan. 27, 2022


According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) DHEC’s testing vendors are reporting all backlogs experienced over the last week have been cleared and turnaround times for COVID-19 test results are back to the standard 48-hour time frame.
On Thursday (Jan. 27) SCDHEC reported 7,274 new cases and 2,660 probable cases of the COVID-19 virus. There were 20 deaths and 6 probable deaths related to COVID.
Anderson County reported 321 new cases and 54 probable cases.
Greenville County reported 898 new cases and 133 probable cases.
As of Jan. 26, there were 2,545 COVID patients in hospitals with 435 in ICU and 229 on ventilators.
Anderson County had 139 COVID patients in the hospital with 19 in ICU and 15 on ventilators.
Greenville County had 343 COVID patients in hospitals with 58 in ICU and 38 on ventilators.
Reported Jan. 26 (for Jan. 24)
Anderson County reported 110 new cases and 22 probable cases. No deaths.
Greenville County reported 288 new cases and 47 probable cases. No deaths.
There were 16 COVID related deaths across the state.
Jan. 25 – (for Jan. 23)
Anderson County reported 299 new cases and 18 probable cases.
Greenville County reported 1,075 new cases and 17 probable cases.
There were 4 deaths across the state related to COVID.
Jan. 24
Anderson County reported 292 new cases and 38 probable cases.
Greenville County reported 1,248 new cases and 120 probable cases.
There was 1 COVID related death reported in the state.
Jan. 23
Anderson County reported 922 new cases and 90 probable cases.
Greenville County reported 2,557 new cases and 106 probable cases.
There were 10 deaths across the state reported Jan. 21.

As of Jan. 18, 2022, there have been 40,171 breakthrough cases with 630 breakthrough COVID related deaths.