Pelzer eminent domain pleadings inaccurate according to Scott family attorney


The attorney for the family of Roger D. Scott Sr. has issued a statement in regards to recent reporting in The Journal about alleged tax liens on property the Town of Pelzer is trying to reclaim by the use of “eminent domain”.
Last week, The Journal reported that The Town of Pelzer had filed required documents to exercise the authority of eminent domain to re-acquire property that was at one time the municipal pool site. A court summons was filed with the Anderson County Clerk of Court in December, 2021.
The Journal reported that the South Carolina Department of Revenue and Department of the Treasury/Internal Revenue Services were both listed in the summons, along with Southern Cornerstone Properties and eleven other people who may have an interest in the property.
Some of those other people were family members of Roger Scott Sr.
(A statement addressing the issue was issued by the family this week and is published in its entirety in this issue of The Journal)
Also, in a response to The Journal, Scott family attorney G. Lee Cole, Jr. stated that there are inaccuracies in the pleadings filed by the Town of Pelzer.

According to Attorney Cole, information was presented to Richard Thompson, Attorney for the Town of Pelzer, after the pleadings were filed, but the Town never filed amended or corrected pleadings.