Pelzer residents hear directly from deputies in safety meeting


During a Safety Meeting held recently in Pelzer, Captain Jacob Bowland of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and several other deputies provided information about law enforcement in the county and in Pelzer.
Captain Bowland said the Sheriff’s Office has ten beats covering 757 square miles in Anderson County. Pelzer is located in Beat 9 along with White Plains, Williamston, Pelzer and Piedmont.
Bowland explained that recruiting deputies is difficult and that the sheriff’s office depends on information from citizens.
He said there are 1.5 deputies dedicated to Pelzer and talked about patrols and presence. In addition, the town has hired two deputies who provide law enforcement seven hours, seven days a week within the town limits.
Fielding questions about speeding and crime, Bowland said answering 911 calls is their primary objective. Speeding and traffic enforcement is not.
The Captain said that deputies employed by the town do have authority to enforce state and county laws.
He said if an issue comes up, residents should call 911 dispatch.
He also addressed frustration with repeat offenders.
Bowland said that overcrowding at the county jail and lack of prosecutions results in repeat offenders being continuously let out of jail after an arrest.
However he said, “We will not stop putting people in jail.”
Bowland said the social media and private cameras are helpful in solving crime.