Libertarian party seeking candidates – filing currently open


The filing period is now open for Libertarians wanting to run for office. The Libertarian party is looking for candidates who will offer practical Libertarian alternatives to the failed policies of the Democrats and Republicans, according to Steve Dasbach, Campaigns Chair.

At this time, 102 SC House seats are unopposed!

If interested in running for office, forms and filing instructions can be found on the SCVotes website.
The statement of candidacy for statewide or federal offices must be filed at the State Election Commission (SEC) no later than noon on March 30. The form can be signed and filed in person, or can be signed in front of a notary and filed by an agent.
The form for state representative can either be filed with the SEC or at your county election board. Local offices are generally filed at the local county election board.
The statement of economic interest is filed electronically and is also due no later than noon March 30.
“Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need assistance completing any of the forms,” Dasbach said. “We can also help you decide what office to run for if you aren’t sure.”

If you decide to run, Dasbach strongly recommends completing and filing the forms right away. The deadline for both forms is noon on March 30.

“While we are happy to field candidates for any office, we will be focusing our efforts on campaigns for state house of representatives where the incumbent is unopposed, and uncompetitive local races where there is a real chance to get Libertarians elected.”

For information contact Steve Dasbach, Campaigns Chair at (703) 867-4345 or by email