Public hearing May 2 on Market Street rezoning


Williamston Town Council will hold a public hearing at the regularly scheduled Council Meeting on Monday, May 2, at 6:30pm to allow opportunity for the community to comment on a rezoning request for several properties on Market Street.
The Williamston Planning Commission, at the property owner’s request, is recommending that Council rezone (Anderson County TMS #’s 2440301005, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020, 021 & 022), from MFR Multi-Family Residential District to R7 Single Family Residential District. They also recommend that the nine tracts be combined into three tracts.
By combining the following Anderson County TMS Numbers thus allowing the R7 criteria to be met for the purpose of building single family residential homes:
Tract One (1) by combining TMS#: 2440301005, 015, & 016
Tract Two (2) by combining TMS#: 2440301017, 018, & 019; and
Tract Three (3) by combining TMS#: 2440301020, 021 &022.
The meeting will be open to the public. Any interested party may appear and be heard at this meeting in person, by agent, or by attorney.
Comments can be provided orally, or in writing. There will be no responses to comments, questions, or concerns during the hearing, only the opportunity to comment on the rezoning.
The hearing will be held in the Council Chambers at the Williamston Municipal Center, 12 W. Main Street.