Speeding 4 wheeler causes problems at and near Brookdale Park


Williamston Police officers investigated a variety of incidents in April including several involving a black male on a 4 wheeler repeatedly causing disturbances in the Brookdale Park area and damage to a soccer field there.
Among incidents investigated were the following:
Apr. 7 – Officer Burgess and C. Vickery were dispatched to the Willie Junior Blanding Soccer Field in reference to a 4 wheeler on the soccer field doing doughnuts with children present. Officers observed an orange 4 wheeler stopped in the roadway on Brown St., When blue lights were activated the 4 wheeler took off west on Brown St., left onto Greenville Dr. and left on E. Carolina where officer Vickery lost sight of the 4 wheeler. Damage to the soccer field is estimated at $500. Lieutenant L. B. Culbertson, C. Vickery investigated.
Apr. 7 – Sgt. L. E. Mulz was dispatched to Family Dollar, 1505 Anderson Drive in reference to a shoplifter who had left the store. According to reports, a store employee identified the suspect and there was CCTV footage of him placing a dual charger into his left pocket and then entering the restroom. Packing for the dual charger and a type C charging cord were located in the restroom. A request for a warrant was sent to the judge. A warrant was later issued for Robert Brandon Bentley, 35, 120 Albert Knight Rd., Williamston in connection with the incident.
Apr. 8 – Judge Lollis approved three arrest warrants for Anthony Daquan Dean, 28, 18 Brown St. in reference to the Apr. 7 soccer field incident. According to reports, the incident had been recorded on Face Book Live and posted on Anthony Daquan Dean’s account, however the recording was removed before officers viewed it. Due to having a number of witnesses, Judge Lollis issued warrants for malicious damage, reckless driving and failure to stop for blue light.
Apr. 9 – Officer D. Vickery was dispatched to Brookdale Park on Crescent Drive in reference to an orange 4 wheeler driving on the field while a soccer team was trying to play on it. According to reports, the orange 4 wheeler was observed on Brown St. and when officer activated blue lights, the subject accelerated at a high rate of speed toward Greenville Dr. It was followed and continued to evade officers. The 4 wheeler was again observed on Bigby St. with a black male driving at a high rate of speed making some kind of hand gestures to officers.
Apr. 11 – Officers were dispatched to the area of Brookdale Park in reference to a male driving an orange 4 wheeler on the field and up and down the roadway. While investigating, officers could hear what sounded like a vehicle going at a high rate of speed in the area. During the investigation officer R. Burgess did witness the orange 4 wheeler driving at a high rate of speed on Bigby St., heading toward Mattison. The 4 wheeler was being driven by a large black male identified as Dayquan Dean from prior incidents.
Apr. 11 – Michelle Darby Spearman, 46, 204 Waterford Dr., Williamston reported mail stolen from her mail box including a package from Shien Co. Reports stated a bald black male in the passenger seat of a late 90s or 2000s white four door Honda Accord took the items. A photo was taken but officers were unable to see any identifiable features. D. R. Hart investigated.
Apr. 11 – Officers were dispatched to E. Carolina St/Washington St. in reference to a white male who was walking in the middle of the road with no clothes on and yelling racial slurs to residents in the area. According to reports, when officers arrived, Officer Vickery approached a white male, identified as Skyler Ray Alvarado, with no shirt on and several individuals following him and yelling at him. Officer Burgess spoke with the crowd in an attempt to calm them and gather a clear picture of what had happened. At least four witnesses stated the man was naked in the street and had threatened them. The suspect was placed into investigative detention and transported to Hamilton St. by an officer as another officer attempted to calm the situation. Judge Lollis was contacted and officers were told he would be able to approve a warrant. R. Conner was reporting officer. No arrest was made, however a warrant was expected to be signed.
Apr. 14 – Officers were dispatched to Burger King, 905 Greenville Dr., in reference to found property which included an Adidas bag, bullets, Glock magazine unloaded, a Smith and Wesson magazine loaded, a Smith and Wesson magazine with four rounds, an unloaded Smith and Wesson SD9VE with a ProTec Flash Light and laser combo accessory attached to the firearm. Inside the Adidas draw bag were half empty 1.75 liter of patron Tequila, Black collapsible baton, one vape, Tooka Styz Vape, WeighMax Scale black and red with plastic cover, a Rapid$ card, two lighters, 3 pairs of black latex gloves, one counterfeit money marker, Rick and Morty ashtray, 2 misc, chargers. Also a plastic baggie containing a glass jar with 107 mushroom stems, a white bag with .05 ounce of green leafy substance, a clear bag labeled Cherry Cush Drop weighing 123.4 grams containing a green leafy substance, 2 blue gloves and a small roll of baggies. Beside the bag was a black and white Nike baseball cap. The items were placed into evidence. There was also a black Iphone case with a SC Drivers license. A video of a subject inside the restaurant with the cap and bag was also obtained. The incident remains under investigation.
Apr. 15 – Officer G. Hawkins responded to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia to pick up Anthony Daquan Dean who was in custody there. Three outstanding warrants for Dean, from Williamston, were countersigned by the magistrate judge in Columbia and Dean was transported back to Anderson County where he was booked in the ACDC.
Apr. 16 – Officer D. Vickery was dispatched to Brown St., in reference to shots fired in the area. A male subject stated to officers that the shot was coming from the Brookdale Park area. The area was searched but officers were unable to determine if any and who shot in area.
Apr. 27 – Skyler Ray Alvarado, 800 S. Hamilton St., Williamston was arrested for four outstanding warrants for indecent exposure after officer D. Vickery observed him at Fast Fuel, 207 W. Main St. He was transported to ACDC where warrants were served.