Rep. West Cox files legislation seeking DUI Child Support Victim Payments


South Carolina House District 10 Representative West Cox (R-Anderson) filed legislation on April 27 for payment of child support and maintenance to victims of DUI fatalities. The legislation would require a person convicted of DUI that results in the death of the parent of a minor child to pay child support and maintenance to the minor children of the victim.

“Too often children in this state are left without support as the victim of DUI. It is time for the offenders to pay to support those children. Tragically, children are left without support in these cases, and we need to force the person responsible for the death to provide for that child.” Rep. Cox explained as his reasoning for the bill.

The legislation would require someone that killed a parent of a minor child due to a DUI to provide child support and maintenance for that child until the child reaches 18 or graduates from high school. The child support would be court ordered. It would further provide that the support has to be provided for each minor child of the deceased parent. “This legislation won’t bring the parent back, but it will at least ensure that someone is helping to fill the financial void in that child’s life.” said Rep. Cox

The bill (H. 5299) was filed last week and referred to the House Judiciary Committee. While there are only a few days left in the legislative session, Rep. Cox believes it will have broad support. To read the bill, go to For Further information, please contact Rep. Cox by phone, 864-625-0463, or email,