Today is Primary Day in South Carolina- Get out and Vote!


South Carolina voters can go to the polls today (Tuesday, June 14) to vote in the Republican and Democrat primary election. South Carolina is one of four states holding primaries today.

Most area voters will be choosing from the following list of candidates.

Governor – Republicans Henry McMaster, Harrison Musselwhite, Mindy L. Steele withdrew.
Governor – Democrats Joe Cunningham, Mia S McLeod, Carlton Boyd, Calvin CJ Mack McMillan, William H Williams

Attorney General – Republicans Alan Wilson, Lauren Martel

State Superintendent of Education – Republicans Travis Bedson, , Bryan Chapman, Cindy Coats Withdrew Before Primary, Sheri Few, Kizzi Gibson, Lynda Leventis-Wells, Kathy Maness, Ellen Weaver
Democrats – Gary L Burgess, Lisa Ellis, Jerry Govan

Commissioner of Agriculture – Republicans Bill Bledsoe, Bob Rozier, Hugh Weathers

U.S. Senate 2 – Democrats Catherine Fleming Bruce, Angela Geter, Krystle Matthews

U.S. House of Representatives, District 04 GREENVILLE/ SPARTANBURG – Republicans – William Timmons, Michael Mike LaPierre, Mark Burns, George Abuzeid

State House of Representatives, District 6 ANDERSON – Republicans April Cromer, Brian White

State House of Representatives, District 7 ABBEVILLE/ANDERSON/GREENVILLE – Republicans Alex Foppoli, Jay West

State House of Representatives, District 10 ANDERSON/GREENVILLE/PICKENS – Republicans Thomas Beach, West Cox, Mark Durham

Anderson Probate Judge – Republicans J T Foster, Jamie Saxon

Auditor – Republicans John Benca, Dani Caldwell

Anderson County Council District 03 – Republicans Greg Elgin, Ray Graham
Anderson County Council District 05 – Republicans Tommy Dunn, Robert T. McCurry

In some cases the winner of the primary will face no opposition in the Mid-Term General Election on Nov. 8. Also some of these candidates signed up to run in the primary, but dropped out and their names do not appear on the ballot.