West Pelzer Police Report


The West Pelzer Police Department investigated the following incidents:
June 16 – Leon Christopher Garrett, 50, was arrested for shoplifting after Dollar General 8 Main St., reported a shoplifter wearing a tie-dye shirt and small backpack had taken items from the store. Items taken included drink mix, coffee mix, Folgers coffee mix and grape drink mix. The suspect was observed walking across the 7 Eleven parking lot and then across Hwy. 20 and was detained at the El Maguey restaurant. A DG store employee identified him as the shoplifter. He also had an outstanding warrant by SC-PPP for a probation violation on a domestic violence case. Garrett was issued a UTT for shoplifting by West Pelzer and placed on trespass notice for Dollar General. He was transported to the Food Lion on Augusta Rd. where SC-PPP took custody. Chief Stoller was reporting officer.
June 14 – Mary Chandler Elise Edwards was arrested for loitering and violation of trespass notice after Lt. Rogers was dispatched to 9 Burkett St. in reference to a domestic incident. According to reports, Sandra Chastain stated that Mary Edwards had come on her property and refused to leave. After telling her to leave several times, Chastain attempted to physically escort Edwards from the property and Edwards retaliated. At some point Edwards left the property and went across the street to 199 Mill St. Edwards was taken into custody for failure to leave premise after being asked several times.
During the investigation, officers found several items consistent with drug use in her purse. Edwards was also charged with loitering for the purpose of drug use and transported to ACDC.
June 13 – Wallace Albert Lee Queen, 54, 48 Dendy St., Pelzer was issued a UTT for animal cruelty and ill treatment of animals after Chief Stoller received a call on the admin line. According to reports one black and white dog was tethered to a broken down pickup truck and had no food or water. The dog appeared to be malnourished with ribs showing. Another smaller black dog was tethered with a dog house with no food or water, but appeared relatively healthy. A third small black dog was observed with a cable tether wrapped around a tree and knotted around branches with no freedom of movement, no food or water and only partial shade for shelter. It also appeared malnourished with ribs showing. Anderson County Animal Control responded and two of the dogs were taken to PAWS for treatment.
June 13 – Officer C. Cauthen was dispatched to 2 James St., Apt. 3 in reference to a larceny from a vehicle. According to reports, the victim Blackwell reported a pack of Marlboro Menthol Black cigarettes, a green pencil box containing $40 in coins and a key ring with multiple keys taken from an unlocked 1991 Honda Civic Wagon.
June 3 – Officer C. Rogers was dispatched to 199 Mill Street Apt. D1 in reference to vandalism. Sharon Burns reported her 2016 Kia Soul had been keyed. Two scratches were found on the passenger side of the vehicle.
June 2 – Officer C. Rogers was contacted by Matthew Whitt in reference to his phone being stolen after he thinks he left it laying on the counter at Advance Auto, 106 Hwy. 20. The white Iphone 10 with a blue case was valued at $350 and has no Apple logo on the back.
May 18 – While on patrol and stopped in front of 16 Marguerite St., Chief Stoller observed Jesse Smith, 27, exit Apartment 2 and get into a 2015 Nissan Sentra. Smith had been placed on trespass notice for the apartment at an earlier date. According to reports, as Smith was backing out of the parking lot, Stoller gave audible orders for Smith to stop the car as well as motioning to him. Smith sped forward striking Stoller’s left side/thigh/hip and right hand (with a radio) with the side of the vehicle. Smith failed to yield when entering the roadway, failed to signal and was traveling well in excess of the 25 MPH speed limit on Marguerite Street. Smith failed to stop at the stop sign at Marguerite St. and Holiday St. and escaped on Holiday St. There was no pursuit due to positive identity. Smith later called and stated he ran because he thought Chirf Stoller was there to arrest him for trespass notice. He was asked to come to the police department to settle the matter but did not show up. Smith called the police department to see if a warrant had been issued and was advised not yet and possibly would not be if he came in before 4 p.m. Smith did not come in or contact the police department. Warrants were being sought for simple assault, trespass, assault and battery, reckless driving, violation of city ordinance and other offenses.
May 14 – Officer C. Cauthen was dispatched to 4B Holiday Street in reference to damage to a mailbox. The victim Wallace stated that someone hit his mailbox and knocked the mailbox and pole to the ground. The wooden pole was white and appeared to have gray paint transferred to it from the vehicle that hit it. Damage was estimated at $150.
May 14 – Officer C. Cauthen was dispatched to 14 Spring Street in reference to a domestic incident. According to reports, the victim, Clifton, stated Alexander got mad at her and shoved her away from him by pushing her on her back. She advised she did not fall but her neck and back hurt. Damage was done inside the residence by Alexander included knocking a wax burner off the sink in the bathroom, kicked and punched a bedroom door causing a hole, breaking the inside frame of the door, pulling two tapestries off the wall and knocked over a shelf. RO was to talk with a magistrate in reference to warrants.
May 13 – Brandon Mathis reported a credit card fraud in which suspicious charge of $1,415.84 appeared on his account. The credit card company was made aware of the fraud and advised that a police report should be obtained. Lt. Rogers investigated.
May 9 – Jesse Smith, 27, was arrested for resisting arrest, public intoxication and malicious damage to property after Chief Stoller was dispatched to 16 Marguerite St., #2 to assist DSS. According to reports, Smith, who did not live at the apartment, stated he kicked in the door because they locked themselves out. Intending to place Smith into investigative detention, the subject started moving away. Williamston police arrived as backup. During the investigation, two pistols were secured from the apartment. They were later returned to Andrea Nicole Kelly, 26 of 16 Marguerite St., Apt. 2. A representative of the apartment management did want Smith placed on trespass notice and charged for damaging the apartment.
Apr. 4 – Chief Scott Stoller was dispatched to a possible home invasion at 14 Stephanie Dr. where Jordyn Marius Hood reported two identified black males and two unidentified black males wearing masks entered his home and took property and weapons valued at approximately $9,000 and $5,000 in cash.
According to reports, Hassan Logan Lee II and Jayden Sincere Dawson came to the house to allegedly pay back $400 they had borrowed. Upon being let in the house, one of the men said he left something in the car, left the room and went outside. About five minutes after returning, another black male wearing a mask and with a gun entered the house. The victim stated the front door “flew open and there was a black male with a gun coming toward me fast.” The victim retreated to the center room and attempted to disarm the unknown male, however he fell backward. Another masked black male came through the door and gathered the stolen items.
During the incident, the victim was pistol whipped in the forehead, struck in the back of the head and disarmed of his pistol. Items reported stolen included: 10K Gold Rope Chain $2,000; Diamond Cross Pendant $1,800; pair 10K gold earrings $100; bag containing $5,000 – 7,000 cash; Microsoft XBox One X console $500; Sentry safe $50; five Vlone designer shirts $1,000; sneakers $400; sneakers $400; three pair Jordan sneakers $750; Apple Iphone 12 Pro-Max 128 GB $1,000. A Glock 29 10MM pistol and an Ar-15 12.5 inch barrel pistol were also taken.