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Pelzer, West Pelzer to combine sewer departments

By David Meade
During their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council heard comments from five residents, heard an update on grants and announcements that Pelzer and West Pelzer plan to combine their sewer departments into one department for both towns and that Public Works Head Brad West is leaving.
Two residents of Goodrich Street complained of serious problems on the street including drugs, fighting and people walking the streets at two or three in the morning. There was mention of a dead hog that was on one porch for four or five days and after numerous phone calls to different agencies, nothing was done about it.

Pelzer continues looking at how to provide services for residents

By David Meade

Pelzer Town Council continued the process of looking at providing services for a new town, and how to pay for them, during a workshop held Tuesday prior to their regular meeting. With no tax base town officials are considering options to provide current and new services.

Water and sewer are the two main services already provided for residents, and repair and maintenance on both systems is an ongoing process, especially with limited resources and funds. Four representatives of the town’s sewer treatment provider Renewable Water Resources (REWA) presented information and offered to do a feasibility study on the town’s sytem to see what options are available.

Pelzer Town Council to meet Oct. 11

Pelzer Town Council will meet Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. at the Pelzer Community Building. Agenda items include: Phase II Sewer Project Update; Update on joint sewer plant committee, and update on financial planning for added services. The agenda calls for Mayor and Council to enter into executive session to receive legal advice. It does not indicate what the legal advice pertains to.

Pelzer Heritage Commission and Pelzer Historical Society are both on the agenda to provide information as they have been for several months. A representative of Pelzer Heritage Commission is expected to present information. Beth Rostron of the Pelzer Historical Society has yet to appear at a meeting to provide an update on the organization she oversees.

Pelzer Town Council to meet Tuesday, Aug 9

Pelzer Town Council will meet on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Pelzer Community Building. Agenda items include Partnering with West Pelzer to apply for Master Plan Grant through MASC, Opening gate at the Monkey Park, Limiting use of Community Building and hearing a request to use ballfields for practice.

Agenda items include:

Pelzer citizens can offer input

Pelzer WORKS

The Town of Pelzer will hold a citizen workshop Tuesday, May 24 at 7 p.m. to allow citizens an opportunity for input into the services and direction they would like to see the for the town. The session is being called Pelzer WORKS which stands for the mayor and council (Will, Olene, Roger, Kim, Steve).

Mayor Steve McGregor said those in attendance will be divided into five teams with the mayor and council each heading one to listen to ideas and input from citizens. Ideas and suggestions made in each of the five groups will be written down and everyone will come back together to discuss the them, McGregor said.

Town officials are encouraging all Pelzer residents interested in the future of the town to attend the session and offer input.

Pelzer eliminating recreation, looking at police protection option

By David Meade

Pelzer Town Council decided Tuesday to approve first reading on their 2016-17 budget which reflects their decision to cut funding for the town’s recreation program which was operating at a $23,000 loss.

The decision eliminates operation and maintenance expenses for football and baseball programs, the gym, the ballfield and community building that was budgeted last year at $106,414. Under the new budget some expense is included for insurance, utilities and maintenance for the community building, gym and ballfield area, budgeted at only $12,869.

The decision to cut the Recreation Department includes discontinuing part-time salaries for Shelby Stanton, who oversaw the Community Building and senior program and for B. J. Tompkins, who oversaw the town’s athletic program.

Pelzer in process of replacing old street lights that were turned off

By David Meade

During their regular meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council explained a new council meeting format, heard an update on the sewer project, streetlights and posting of the lagoon property. Mayor Steve McGregor explained that under the new meeting format, citizens must sign up to speak to council and will be allowed three minutes to speak on issues affecting the town. Resident input will be held at the beginning of the meeting, he said.

Seven residents spoke on issues ranging from water pressure on Smith St., problems with the sewer project, concerns with the pallet yard, trains blocking roads and barriers being placed on the old Pelzer mill property.

Pelzer gets good audit, looking at streetlights

By David Meade

During their meeting Tuesday, Pelzer Town Council addressed the sewer upgrade, streetlights, staggered council terms, a property sale, and heard their annual audit report. During public comments, residents asked about streetlights, concerns with shooting, water bill reduction, sewer project cleanup and a suggestion to add two more council seats.

Council approved second reading on the election ordinance allowing Anderson County Elections to take over future Pelzer elections. Brad West updated council on the sewer upgrade. West said compaction tests have been completed and paving begun. He named several streets crews were working on. He also stated that work has been delayed due to a slow response from the railroad on a right-of-way.

Pelzer to swear in new council

Pelzer Town Council will meet for their first official meeting of 2016 tonight, Monday, January 11 at 7 p.m. at the Pelzer Community Building. Four newly elected council members, Olene Bear, Roger Scott Sr., Will Ragland, and Kimberly Wilson, will be sworn in.

Agenda items include: Election of Mayor Pro Tempore; set calendar for monthly council meetings in 2016; first reading of amended Ordinance No.2015-004 and an update on the Phase II Sewer Project.

Pelzer voters elect all new council

By David Meade

The Town of Pelzer will have four new faces on town council when they begin meeting in 2016. Roger Scott, Olene Bear, Kim Wilson and Will Ragland were the top four vote getters in the election held Tuesday. Non of the current councilmembers were re-elected to their seats.

Unofficial election results show the top vote getters for the town’s four council seats were: Roger Scott with 136; Olene Bear with 117; Kimberly Wilson with 112; and Will Ragland with 96.

Of the incumbents, Cheryl Beaudreau received 43 votes, Tony Riddle received 36 and Donna Ide 27. Of the other candidates, Eve Holliday received 68; Gilbert Garrett 67; Jimmy Harrison 65; Charles Emery 44.

Pelzer readies for election, residents ready for services

By Richard Meade

During a short business meeting Monday night, Pelzer Town Council unanimously approved first reading on an ordinance transferring town elections to the Anderson County Election Commission. Council also approved a request by the Town of West Pelzer to use the Pelzer ball fields for a fall festival. Council declined a $150,000 offer on the lagoon property.

Brad West said the town had received two bids for repair work on the Community Building, one for $6500 and one for $3600. West was going to check with the low bidder to see if he was insured and report back to council before proceeding with the repair work.

The actual meeting lasted about 15 minutes, however discussions with the public continued for sometime after.

Questions abounded about services the now expanded town will offer including trash pickup times, who is now responsible for limb pick up and whether recently annexed properties are eligible for water and sewer services. There were also questions and discussion about zoning.

All three area town councils meeting tonight (Mon. Sept. 14)

All three area town councils will meet tonight.

Williamston Town Council will meet at 6:30 p.m.

Agenda items include Presentation of a bike/pedestrian plan; appointment of assaitant municipal judge; resolution for Gatewood entrance repair project; proclamation for Hispanic Heritage month; proposals for engineering for meter change out project.

West Pelzer Town Council will meet at 6:30 p.m.

Agenda items include vote on an ordinance providing for the issuance and sale of $663,000 bonds for water and sewer improvements; vote on $467,000 water and sewer improvement bond.

Pelzer Town Council will meet 7 p.m. at the Pelzer Community Building

Agenda items include First reading of Ordinance No. 2015-004 regarding transferring elections to Anderson County Voter Registration and Election Commission; Quotes on repairs for Community Building; Update on Request for Proposal for trash pickup and Citizen Input.

Restored street lighting to be first of Pelzer services

By David Meade

During their regular monthly meeting Monday, Pelzer Town Council addresssed several questions about services the newly expanded town will provide, town finances, the recent annexation and the upcoming election in November.

During public comments portion of the meeting, several questions were raised about the town finances and other issues related to the recent annexation. One of the first questions was when will the street lights be turned back on?

The street lights being referred to were on streets that were not in the town limits prior to the annexation, which had been cut off about several years ago when the town began experiencing financial problems. The cut was one of the first to be made by the council at that time.

Mayor Steve McGregor said the town will probably turn the street lights back on at the first of the new year .

Pelzer to hold second reading on annexation July 20

By David Meade

Only a handful of residents attended the Pelzer Town Council meeting on Monday. There was a light agenda with only two items, one of which was related to the recent annexation which was approved by voters on June 9. A resident of the newly incorporated town limits was on the agenda to address Mayor and Council about developing a planning committee for future direction of the new incorporated town. However the resident was not able to make the meeting.

Instead, Pelzer Mayor Steve McGregor addressed the annexation situation stating that the process of starting up a new town is new to everyone and that it should have happened “a long time ago.”

Public comments on Pelzer annexation

During Council meeting

During their meeting Monday evening, Pelzer Town Council approved final reading on their 2015-16 budget with some changes, held first reading on a revenue bond ordinance for the Phase II sewer project and then heard citizen input which focused on the annexation which will be voted on in a referendum on Tuesday (June 9).

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