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Williamston planning to address sewer system problems

Town under DHEC consent order

By Stan Welch – The focal point of the Williamston Town Council’s work session Tuesday night was the imposing of a consent order by DHEC, as a result of problems with the town’s wastewater treatment system.

Those problems extend well back into the last decade or more. In fact, the town was released from a previous consent order as recently as October of 2014. The respite was brief, with the occurrence of a sewage overflow from a manhole, as the result of heavy rainfall (two inches)in a relatively brief period in early February. Obstruction of the line by tree roots was also deemed a contributing factor.

Consequently, DHEC issued a notice of violation based on a series of reports in late 2015 which reflected daily violations of fecal coliform levels at the treatment plant, which were also the result of heavy rainfalls. The chronic problem is the condition of the town’s sewer lines, which are outdated and which are subject to inflow and infiltration (I&I) during rain events. The I&I lets storm water enter the lines and flow through the treatment plant, reducing its effectiveness and leading to violations of the standards set by DHEC.

Envision Williamston ready to move foward

After a ten month long planning project conducted in conjunction with Arnett Muldrow and Associates, the Envision Williamston program is now ready to launch several new projects, according to Envision Williamston Executive Director Sonya Crandall. Williamston Town Council recently approved funding in the Town’s Annual Budget for several Envision Williamston economic and community development projects.

“In this first year of implementation, Envision Williamston received funding for a variety of economic and coummunity development initiatives,” Crandall said.

Envision Williamston announces spring photo contest

The Town of Williamston and their new economic development program Envision Williamston are sponsoring a photography contest through May 10. All area amateur and professional photographers are invited to participate in the Williamston in Focus Photography Contest.

Special meeting Tuesday to address Gatewood project

There will be a special called meeting of Williamston Town Council on Tuesday September 1st at 6:30 pm at Williamston Town Hall to discuss a local project of public interest.

“The public meeting will be to discuss the current standing of the Anderson County Transportation Committee Gatewood Project and next steps in the completion of the project,” Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said.

Representatives on the County, State, and Federal level along with project-related entities are expected to attend. “Our residents will have the opportunity to hear each entity’s perspective directly,” Durham said.

Community Charrette Underway – Town Hall meeting tonight


Residents of Williamston and the surrounding communities are invited to a Town Hall meeting tonight as apart of the Envision Williamston Community Charrette that will be underway today through Thursday.

The Town of Williamston, in conjunction with a team of consultants led by Arnett Muldrow and Associates, will be conducting the charrette or design workshop. 

Williamston Town Council special meeting for annexation

For Annexation

Williamston Town Council will hold a special called meeting tonight (Monday, June 8) for second reading on the annexation of the strip of land on 13 properties. First reading on the annexation of Life Journey Church in Pelzer will also be held during the special called meeting. If Williamston’s ribbon annexation passes on second reading, it effectively takes the 13 properties out of the Pelzer annexation and blocks adjacent properties, including those on Depot Road, by making them non-contiguous to Pelzer.

View Williamston strip annexation area – (Purple Outlined Area in center of map)

View Proposed Pelzer Annexation Area
View Pelzer Annexation Area if Williamston Annexation passes
(Purple Outlined Area and Depot Road will be taken out of the Pelzer Annexation)

MLK breakfast honors Civil Rights leader

“The Dream Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

By David Meade

The Town of Williamston remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a first annual MLK breakfast and memorial program Saturday at the Artory. The breakfast commemorated Dr. King’s life and legacy and comments from the program’s featured speakers reflected the program theme of “The Dream Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” Greenville County Council District 3 representative Jil Littlejohn was the featured speaker and closed the program.

Sign ordinance clarified

Williamston Police Chief Tony Taylor said the enforcement of the town’s sign ordinance will apply to signs placed in rights-of ways, primarly at intersections, crosswalks, stop signs and traffic signals.

The ordinance will also apply to political signs, however political signs and others maybe placed on private property with the permission of the land owner, Chief Taylor said.

According to Taylor, Williamston’s sign ordinance currently states that, “No sign, whether temporary or permanent, except traffic signs and signals and information signs erected by a public agency approved by the zoning administrator, is permitted within any street or highway right-of-way.”

Road dedication

The Town of Williamston will officially designate North Hamilton St. as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Drive with a special dedication ceremony Saturday morning at 10 a.m. The dedication will take place in the Palmetto High School gym parking lot.

Trail project to begin in August

Construction on the Mineral Spring Trail Project will begin in late August, officials said this week. Williamston Mayor Mack Durham had hoped the project would be underway and finished by the Spring Water Festival however the proposed timeline for contractors was too tight.

Williamston beginning to “Spring to Life”

By David Meade

“We are trying to build on what we’ve got.” That is what Williamston Mayor Mack Durham said this week while reflecting on changes made during his first year in office and preparing for the second.

Under a new vision for the town and eagerness and support from the community, the town has seen the start up of an arts center, a farmers market, a music series event and will soon see the beginning of a trails system.

The town recently received a $100,000 PRT grant, the first in Anderson County, for construction of a multi use trail. The funds will be used for a 3000 ft. trail beginning at the Veterans Park, extending along Big Creek toward the schools and ending behind the town’s maintenance sheds off Minor St. Construction on the Mineral Spring Trail should begin in July.

Test pothole patch

One of the most common complaints heard by town officials is what can be done about potholes. In an effort to address the ongoing issue, The Town of Williamston is experimenting with an asphalt paving product called Unique Paving Materials. The patch product is available in the Upstate from Toddco Distributors of Spartanburg and is often used by SCDOT. The patch can be applied, tamped and is ready to be run over by traffic in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Historic Williamston – Spring to Life

By David Meade

The Main Street Williamston Branding and Marketing “Charette” Team presented their newly created branding designs and slogan to the community Wednesday evening, receiving a round of applause when the presentation ended.

Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow and Associates presented a statement explaining the new concept designs and a new slogan for the town, Historic Williamston – Spring to Life.

The new logo design features layers and textures interwoven as a drop of water. Mudrow said he felt they had created a brand that nurtures not just main street, but the entire town.

Two days of input for new branding designs

By David Meade

The Main Street Williamston Branding and Marketing “Charette” Team has met with local business owners, groups, citizens and students, as well as touring the town as part of their two day intensive workshop Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Charrette Team members Randy Wilson, of Community Design Solutions, Inc; Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow and Associates and Beppie LeGrand of the Main Street South Carolina program have interviewed people and led sessions to gather input for the recommendations they will make.

Sessions included looking at how cities like Charleston and Greenville are viewed as well as neighboring towns and Williamston. They have also discussed and received feedback on businesses environment and customer base in the area.

Branding “charette” to help develop town image

By David Meade

Main Street Williamston is sponsoring a Branding and Marketing Workshop for the Town of Williamston on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29 and 30.

The “branding charette” is the biggest project yet for Williamston’s new Main Street Program and input from the two day session will be used to develop an “image” that will be key in Williamston’s future revitalization efforts.

“The workshop endeavors to capture the identity of Williamston through graphic design elements and the entire community is invited to be a part of the process,” said Main Street Williamston Executive Director Caroline Alex.

“A key element of successful economic development is understanding a community’s unique identity and how to market those character-defining assets,” Alex said. “This workshop is intended to help us better understand what makes Williamston unique and how to celebrate those things through graphic design collateral such as logos, taglines, wayfinding signage, web sites, banners, advertisements, etc.”

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