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West Pelzer assumes public works services for Pelzer

By Stan Welch
A proposed merger of the Pelzer and West Pelzer public works departments that was triggered by the departure of Pelzer public works director Brad West earlier this year is a done deal, according to West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders.
Mayor Sanders announced to his Council Monday night that the transfer has been accomplished and that a third employee, Steven Eudi, of Pelzer, has been hired. Eudi will essentially perform his duties in Pelzer, unless additional manpower or resources are needed. By the same token, Eudi will be available in West Pelzer if needed. He will begin work on March 27th.

West Pelzer policy to allow vehicles be driven home

By Stan Welch
The West Pelzer Town Council met Monday night, addressing several issues. During a discussion of the proposed policy allowing town employees, including police, to take official vehicles home, Mayor Blake Sanders announced that the town has formally assumed control and operation of Pelzer’s public works department. He added that a third employee, Steven Eudi, of Pelzer has been hired and will begin work later this month.

West Pelzer to take on Pelzer sewer services

Combining into one departmentBy Stan Welch – Signs of the growing cooperation between the towns of Pelzer and West Pelzer continue to surface. The latest became apparent at Monday night’s West Pelzer Town Council meeting.
Mayor Blake Sanders informed the town council that Brad West, of the Pelzer Public Works Department would be leaving the town’s employ at the first of March, leaving the town without any public works employees.
Sanders added that the joint water and sewer committee that the two towns have formed had reached a non-binding agreement whereby

West Pelzer town wide yard sale a success

By Stan Welch

The West Pelzer Town Council took care of some business matters Monday night, but the main topic of discussion was last weekend’s town wide yard sale, and the rousing success that it was.

Lining Main Street/ Highway 8 for its entire length within the town limits, the sale drew more people than last year’s Christmas parade, according to several estimates. Also, according to most of the council members, the majority of vendors made money. But Mayor Sanders said the sale was principally intended to bring the town’s people together in a community building effort, and that the numbers who turned out was proof of the sale’s success at any rate. “The main idea was to get folks out and about and meeting their neighbors. As far as that goal goes, the sale was a tremendous success, and a good time.”

West Pelzer approves bond issue for property

For new town hall

By Stan Welch – The West Pelzer Town Council will hold a special called meeting Thursday evening at 6:30 to consider second reading approval for an ordinance issuing a general obligation bond in the amount of one hundred thirty nine thousand dollars.

The bond will be used, along with other funds, to purchase and upgrade the former NAPA auto parts store located at 30 Main Street, with the intention of transforming it into a hub for the town’s official functions. The clerk’s office, the municipal court, the police station and the water and sewer department would be housed there, along with the Council chambers.

West Pelzer approves bond for town hall property purchase

By Stan Welch

The creation of a new town hall and police department moved one step closer during a special called meeting Tuesday night, as the West Pelzer Town Council gave first reading approval for the issuance of a general obligation bond in the amount of $139,000.

Since the price of the old NAPA auto parts store is ninety five thousand dollars, that will leave approximately forty four thousand dollars to begin the renovations and upgrades that will be necessary. Significant upgrades in the mechanical systems of the building will be required, as well as a new roof.

Expanding police coverage topic of joint West Pelzer, Pelzer council meeting

By Stan Welch

An emerging spirit of cooperation between the towns of Pelzer and West Pelzer continued Monday night, as the West Pelzer town council approved a resolution authorizing a joint application for a hometown economic development grant.

The grant, which is administered by the Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC), would require a local match of up to twelve hundred fifty dollars, to be split between the two towns. Mayor Blake Sanders explained that the twenty five thousand dollar grant would be used to hire an economic development consultant, to study the towns’ situation and recommend what types of businesses they should pursue.

West Pelzer discusses budget, funding for recreation

By Stan Welch

West Pelzer Town Council held a series of meetings Monday night, in preparation for completing and approving the budget for fiscal year 2016-17.

The evening began with a public hearing on the proposed budget. Attended by two citizens, the hearing meandered a good bit, but the critical information provided by Mayor Blake Sanders was the fact that there was no increase in taxes or fees, and the budget is balanced, unlike last year. The main reason for that difference is that the Town will not be issuing a tax anticipation note in the coming budget year, a savings of forty thousand dollars. Despite that savings, the General Fund budget increased by $42,000, due to the establishment of a contingency fund, a capital improvement program fund, a victims fund and a reserve fund.

The second meeting of the evening, a budget workshop, quickly became a discussion of the fate of the Pelzer recreation program, and West Pelzer’s obligation to contribute.

West Pelzer Council approves Go West Development Corporation

By Stan Welch

The Town of West Pelzer has now officially formed the Go West Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that will serve as the town’s qualifying agent for grants and possible low interest loans for future projects. The corporation is designated as a public benefit corporation, and its board members will coincide with the members of the town council.

The Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed budget for next year at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 23, followed by a budget workshop at 6:30. Following that workshop, the first meeting of the Go West board will be held, for the purpose of adopting bylaws, as well as considering which grants to pursue.

West Pelzer approves first reading on budget

With three percent employee raise, no tax increase

By Stan Welch

In a significant break with past tradition, the West Pelzer Town council unanimously gave first reading approval to the proposed budget for fiscal year 2016-2017. At Monday’s Council meeting, Mayor Blake Sanders presented a draft document for the Council’s review. The draft is the result of a budget workshop held on March 28th, and reflects a total budget $958,002, a decrease from last year of 5.7 per cent.

West Pelzer hears audit report, tables mobile home variances

By Stan Welch

During their meeting Monday, West Pelzer Town Council approved changes to their employee handbook, addressed mobile home zoning and received a preliminary report on the Town’s audit for the last fiscal year. A representative of Payne, White & Schmutz, the auditing firm, informed the Council that the Town had received an unmodified opinion, or the best opinion available.

Councilman Johnnie Rogers asked if the firm could be provided with monthly figures to assist in monitoring the town’s financial performance. Mayor Blake Sanders explained that such an arrangement would be a significant expansion of the firm’s duties, and would be an additional cost.

West Pelzer holds first meeting with new mayor

By Stan Welch

Newly elected West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders moved briskly and efficiently through the agenda at last week’s Council meeting. In a new addition to the agenda, the Mayor presented brief reports on the fire department, police department, public works department and the town’s financial status.

The WPFD elected Chris Karr to its board; gave Curtis Mahaffey an appreciation award; recognized Daniel Brooks’ ten years of service; and recognized Jordan Smith for making the most runs. Connor Townsley and Jordan Smith were named firefighters of the year, and Seth Blackwell was named junior firefighter of the year.

West Pelzer Town Council to meet Jan. 11

West Pelzer Town Council will meet tonight, Monday, January 11 , at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall located at 3 Hindman Street. The meeting will be the first under new mayor Blake Sanders.

Agenda items include:

West Pelzer to issue bonds for water, sewer upgrade

$1.130 million

By Stan Welch

West Pelzer Town Council gave final approval to a measure authorizing interim financing for the town’s second phase of the upgrading of its water and wastewater systems. The ordinance will allow the town to seek financing from a private source, thereby trading some additional loan costs for the benefits of getting the project started more quickly.

The issuance of the two bonds, in a total amount of $1,130,000 will also include sufficient funds to cover those additional costs. In addition to the bonds which will be issued, several million dollars in grants have been used in the upgrading of the systems.

West Pelzer Town Council to meet tonight (Mon. Sept. 21)

West Pelzer Town Council will meet Monday, Sept. 21 at 6:30 p.m.  Agenda items include second reading on an ordinance to allow the issuance and sale of a $663,000 bond for water and sewer improvements and a $467,000 water and sewer bond sale. Council will also entertain a resolution for CTC Funding and schedule their October meeting.

West Pelzer talks trash, sewer

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