Scout Hut in need of repairs


Boy Scout Hut in need of repairs

The Journal – August 24, 2005

It has served as a place for generations of local residents to meet Santa face to face, a place for the local boy scouts to meet and is a local landmark. Now it is in need of repair and members of the Williamston Area Historic Commission have taken on restoration of the Boy Scout Hut in the Mineral Spring Park as a project.

When preparing to set up in the Historic Scout Hut for the 2005 SpringWater Festival, Dianne Lollis and other members of the Williamston Area Historic Commission discovered the hut in a dire state of repair as well as the home for termites and other insects.

Lollis immediately went to work trying to see what could be done to save the Hut. She talked with a local contractor, Gary Cothran, who said the floor needs replacing. The building is a safety hazard. He offered to tear up the floor if she could get volunteers to help. She said Lance Gray is checking to see if flooring can be obtained from the old Pelzer mills, and Joe Sullens is checking on logs for the hut.

“I feel business people and others in the town will be willing to donate materials, money and time to restore the Hut,” Lollis said. Donnie Bunton has offered to donate the exterminating work, she said. And Larry’s Used Cars has already agreed to make a donation to the project.

“I also have David Johnson to volunteer any electrical work needed,” she added.

The log cabin was built for the Boy Scouts with funds raised by the Williamston Lions Club. The club was organized in February, 1940 and this was one of the first projects of the local Lions. The cabin was dedicated in 1941 and used as a meeting place for the Boy Scouts.

Through the years, the Lions Club sponsored a Boy Scout troop, providing money for dues, transportation, camporees, etc.

In more recent years, the Boy Scouts were sponsored by a local church.

For a number of years, the cabin has continued to be used for children. Santa Claus sets up headquarters there for visits with children during the evenings when the Christmas Park is open.

Any business, club or individual who is willing to help save the Scout cabin may call Lollis at 847-5743 or email or Johnnie Bell, WAHC vice-chairman, 847-9157 or Pamela Owens, secretary, 847-8767.

Anyone interested in preserving history of the area is invited to attend meetings of WAHC which are held the last Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Williamston Municipal Center. Johnnie Bell is vice chairman of the WAHC and Pamela Owens is secretary. Lia Clardy-Ragsdale is treasurer.

WAHC is a non-profit membership organization which meets once a month at the Williamston Municipal Center. The Commission is dedicated to the promotion of preservation, restoration, education, and appreciation of historic Williamston and surrounding areas.