Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson county Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


Nov. 5 – R. Anderson responded to 121 Hickory Run where Carolyn Mundrane 85, reported that someone had broken into her house while she was hospitalized and stole jewelry and other items valued at $76,000.

Nov. 6 – R. Anderson responded to 102 Summer Dr. where Jamie Gentry reported that someone had broken into a storage building at his home and had stolen several items. The loss was estimated at $1050.


Nov. 5 – E.E. Standard was dispatched to 407 Anderson St. where Nancy Dahling reported that someone had slashed the tires on two of her vehicles. The damage was estimated at $875.

Nov. 6 – R. Anderson responded to 207 Holiday St. where Don Coyle reported that someone had broken into his truck and stole several items valued at $175.

Nov. 7 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 120 Bellview Circle, Lot 6 where Wayne Luker reported that someone had entered his home and stolen a 32 inch Coby television and some prescription medications. The loss was estimated at $600.


Nov.4 – J.D. Sparkman responded to 8 Hackman Way where Rebecca Gilstrap reported that she had been in an argument with a James Gaddy, WM, 6’2″, 230 pounds when he struck her in the face. She did not want to press charges but Sparkman placed Gaddy on trespass notice for the property.

Nov. 5 – J.K. Billingsley responded to 206 Plymouth Dr. where Wallace Kemp reported that someone had stolen the left front tire from his car, valued at $80.

Nov. 5 – C.M. Ashe responded to 173 Effie Dr. in response to a dog bite. Steven Miller, and his minor son were walking along the road and stopped to speak with Tara Hendricks, a neighbor. Her dog ran out and attacked the young boy, who is 11, causing serious injury. The boy was treated at Baptist Hospital in Easley, receiving a number of stitches. Hendricks admitted that her dog had bitten people before and had been quarantined. Ashe took the dog into custody and removed it to the animal shelter where he placed it on indefinite hold.

Nov. 5 – J.T. Bowers was dispatched to 2615 Hwy. 153 where David Wheeler asked to have Bryan Lindley, WM, 22, 5’11″, 245 pounds, of Greenwood, on trespass notice.

Nov. 6 – J.T. Bowers responded to 210 Shadowmoss Dr. in response to a burning vehicle. Ming Ni, owner of the vehicle, said they had been at his brother’s apartment for two hours or so when the fire occurred. The Powdersville Fire Chief said he thought it was arson. The loss was estimated at $14,000.

Nov. 6 – E.E. Standard responded to 10852 Anderson Rd. He found the back door of the business had been damaged in an effort to break in. A witness said she saw a Dodge Durango leave the scene at a high rate of speed. She followed and got a tag number – NC AJC2868 – which came back registered to a Dodge Durango in Wayneville NC. Damage to the door was estimated at $500.

Nov. 6 – R. Anderson responded to 138 FF Family Circle where Lisa Evatt reported that her husband had come onto the property in violation of a temporary restraining order.

Nov. 6 – J.A. Banister was dispatched to 101 F Massachusetts Bay Dr. where Lindy Hendrickson, Jr. reported that Cory Davidson had kicked his front door, causing $200 in damage.


Nov. 4 – J.R. Scott responded to 69 Allie Campbell Rd. where Anthony Jenkins reported that he had assaulted two men who stopped where Jenkins was working in his boss’s yard and approached him. Jenkins said the first man told him he had a knife and was going to cut Jenkins. Jenkins said he picked up a ball bat and struck the man, who returned to the vehicle, which drove on down the road, where both men got out and began yelling at him. He said he walked towards them and that Johnny Patterson, WM, 27, 5’7″, 210 pounds, came towards him and he struck him in the face with a fist.

Scott contacted Patterson who refused to press charges or give a written statement.

Nov. 6 – R. Anderson responded to a location at the intersection of Beaver Dam Rd. and Palmetto Trail, where he placed four teenagers on trespass notice for that location, at the request of Kenneth Rhodes, who owned the property. The teens had been riding four wheelers on the property without permission.