PPSD to turn over sewer lines to Metro


By Stan Welch

Within a week, and at long last, the Piedmont Public Service Commission should be out of the sewer business. The Commission moved their monthly meeting up a week in order to review and sign legal documents that will allow the Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict to assume ownership of and responsibility for the district’s sewer lines.

Those documents, which were unanimously approved by the Commission, signed over the deeds to the land involved, and established an intergovernmental agreement to allow for the transfer of the system. The project to install new lines is underway and is expected to be completed in 2013.

The documents had to be reviewed and signed in time for the Metro board to act on them by November 21, which is the date on which the Piedmont Commission normally meets.

In other business, Chairman Ed Poore reported that the auditing firm had completed its field work and given the district a clean preliminary report. A final report will be forthcoming, but Poore said no problems are anticipated.

The decision to repair the roof on the community building was delayed upon the advice of the contractors, who said a significant decrease in the cost of shingles is anticipated after the first of the year. Since the roof is not leaking, the delay is advisable.

The Commission also approved the expenditure of $2574 for an ice machine. Twenty five hundred of that amount came from a grant which specified that the money be used to repair or refurbish the kitchen.